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Here uploaded wallpapers can be used to decorate background of your desktop computer or laptop by setting it as wall paper. All wallpapers are having Islamic quotes so if you set these wallpapers then it will give you and other ones an Islamic reminder as well. You also can use to share on social sites like WhatsApp, Facebook. twitter, pintrest and on other image sharing sites. You also can use it as cover page for your social media profiles like twitter, Facebook etc.

islamic wallpaper image download
download islamic wallpaper image with quotes

“Prayer gives us believers relief from stress. Pray more and worry less.”

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islamic wallpaper for dp
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“Allah has given us all the evidences of His existence. Remember that Allah created humans, jinns, animals, earth, rivers, seas, trees, sun, moon, stars, many types of creatures and everything . Allah arranges all the affairs from the heavens to the earth. If We start counting the blessings of Allah then We can’t count, because it is countless. We need to know that, Without help of Allah we can do nothing.”

islamic wallpaper download
islamic wallpaper image free download

“Don’t despair from the mercy of Allah. Allah is one who is most merciful and forgiving.”

islamic wallpaper images
islamic wallpapers download
alhamdulillah wallpaper image
islamic wallpapers pictures

If you think there is any error in any quote (s) written over any wall paper (s) then do inform me by leaving a comment or just forwarding me an email. email is mentioned on the website.

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