11+ Jealousy Status Quotes

some status on jealousy are as follows:

“I always strive to remove my jealousy.”

“Never be jealousy because being the jealousy is type type of disease which destroys our inner peace and happiness.”

“If someone is blessed then don’t be jealous of them but strive to improve yourself and wait for the time when you will be get blessed.”

“If you want to remain happy then you need to abandon jealousy behavior.”

“jealousy behavior removes happiness and destroys inner peace.”

“I never be jealous of progress of others.”

status quotes on jealousy

“I always work hard and don’t be jealous of others.”

“Don’t get Jealous when someone succeeds but try to change your life and wait for your time when you will get succeeded.”

“If We preach and know that no one should be jealous of others then why we don’t follow it?”

“If you want to complete others  then compete them in doing good deeds and helping poor and needy people.”

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