12+ Leadership Quotes for motivation

Some leadership quotes are as follows:

“True leaders are not selfish nor do things for show off, but they strive to bring positive changes in the life of others.”

“If you want to be success in leadership then try to be a successful influencer.”

“If you want a good team leader then help your team members in their growth.”

“If you want rise then lift and assist your juniors.”

andy dunn quotes leadership

“Leadership is supposed to inspire the the people.”

leadership accountability quotes
“Leaders are supposed to be accountable for accountability, Accountability is the key feature of a good leadership to any workplace.”
john c maxwell quotes on leadership

“Leaders are supposed to empower the people with their ability of leadership.”

lao tzu quotes on leadership

“Leadership teaches us the ability to hide our panic from others.”

leadership quotes by nelson mandela
n. r. narayana murthy quotes on leadership

“Leadership encourages us to dream and achieve the goal.”

simon sinek quotes leadership

“Leadership is not just being a leader who leads a team but it is all being able to take care of those who happen in your team.”

john maxwell thoughts on leadership

“A leader is one who know the right path and goes to the right path.”

leadership quotes john maxwell

“leadership is a kind of influence but not in excessive amount.”

“Behave with your employees like a team leader but not as a boss.”

“Don’t claim perfection like a boss but admit the mistakes like a team leader and have a friendly relation with your employees.”

“Implement and show how to do things with perfection like a team leader, don’t wait like a boss that someone to tell you how to do things with perfection.”

quotes on best leader

“Be like a team leader but not boss, don’t criticize your employees but give them guidance and direction.”

“Don’t talk so fast like a boss but give direction as a team leader to your employees.”

“Don’t demand respect like a boss but behave with your employees like a team leader to earn and deserve respect.”

“Don’t give threats to your employees but behave with them like a team leader and show human kindness and respect.”

“Don’t depend on others like a boss on hearsay but investigate things like a team leader.”

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