31+ Captions about Life

Here is a collection of caption text on life. You can use these caption for writing over the images to share on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter and other social media status of your profile.

Some captions about life are as follow:

“I live always keep patience and love my life in each and every circumstances.”

“Follow positive thoughts of good people and stay motivated in your life.”

life caption for fb and instagram

“keep smiling and remain happy, no mater what.”

“It is important to be real and speak the truth, rather than perfect.”

“Accept happily what comes in your life and strive your best to do the things better.”

“Appreciate positive favors of people and behave with them well, this will bring peace and stability in your life.”

“Sadness and worries bring nothing but harm in your life. So don’t grieve nor be sad, Keep smiling and remain happy.”

“Provide all the type of support to the poor and needy people, they need in their life.”

“Keep your mind and heart positive, it will bring positive life for you.”

“Choose and Follow the path in your life that is with the truth but not easy.”

“Behave well with others and make others feel good.”

“Don’t compare your life with others, Keep doing good deeds and enjoy your life in positive way.”

“Focus on gaining knowledge and education, it will open for you many many doors of success.”

“Donot be sad to see some reasons to cry but be happy and grateful to see thousands of reasons to be happy.”

“Life is too short, Use your life to help the need and poor people and doing good deeds but not to harm innocent.”

“Find a way to help the poor and needy peole, but not an excuse to run away.”

“Speak the truth and don’t mix the truth with falsehood.”

“Donot be afraid of making changes in your life, Life is too short and make changes in your life to do good deeds and stop the acts of evil.”

“Donot let yor past down you, Focus on present and future and forget the tim which have been passed, If anyone bring your past in front of you then know that your present and future is better then him so ignore him.”

“Keep your heart clean and focus on inner life, If you cannot focus on inner life then you cannot focus on outer.”

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“Humanity should be our race, Supporting the truth and doing good deeds should be our aim.”

“Help oor and needy people and do good service to humanity in all the forms.”

“If you are a human then humanity should reflect from you.”

“Don’t violate humanitarian values but support the humanitarian values.”

“Appriciate the work of the people who are working for the humanity.”

“Be a person with aim of humanity, Care and support the people.”

“Don’t Brandon the values of humanity.”

“Helping poor and needy people is a service to the humanity.”

“Don’t support unjustified war but support peace, war does destruction of humanity at every level.”

“You should have dedication, passion, selfishness to serve the humanity at effective level.”

“Don’t be among those who claim to be supporter of humanity but they are the ones who kill innocent people to fulfill their agenda.”

“Change your mindset and server humanity.”

“Helping poor and needy people is a good service for humanity.”

“You should work to bring back humanity in a society where no humanity is left.”

“Donot violate rules of humanity for your own gain.”

“Guide people towards the huamnity and truth.”

“So kineness towards the people, If you cannot show kindness then you cannot server the humanity.”

“Peach morality, humanity and truth but not violence not hate.”

“Defend the truth and justice for the sake of humanity.”

“Help poor and needy people to server humanity but not for show-off.”

“Don’t support injustice nor crime against humanity.”

“If needed then, risk your everything to save humanity.”

“Be of those people who appreciate the humility, but not those who have ego.”

“If you support people who do incjustice then you can never be part of the people of humanity.”

“Just saying love humanity is not enough you should practice humanity in your life and show kindness.”

“Don’t be violate of humanity nor support the ones who violate.”

“Help oppressed people to restore their faith in humanity.”

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