5+ Life Shayari translated from Hindi to English for WhatsAapp Status

If you have knowledge then you should try to improve it more. You can improve it by learning and sharing with each other. It is nature of our life to learn new things and share with others. Shayari are manly in urdu and Hindi language but those also are interested to know about shayari who neither kknow hindi nor Urdu. So Here I have made collection of some shayari on life with their translation in English. Currecly we have uploaded only four shayaris, In afew days we will upload more than ten shayaris on life. You can download any shayari for free and shaye on status of social media accounts like twitter, facebook, pintrest, instagram etc.

Some life shayari are as follows to share on whatsApp Status:

shayari on life

“Learn to live life without any show-off and learn to smile without any selfie.”

shayari on life in hindi with images

“I always try to keep remember the moments of the meetings with the people, May be I forget the talks but I don’t forget the style of the speaking, I move on little different from the tradition of the in time, I don’t forget those people who help me in need.”

inspirational shayari on life

“Sleeping late in the morning weakens then intentions, Those who want achieve the goal don’t use to sleep late in the morning.”

emotional life shayari

“Those are such strange kind of people who are even jealous to me but they use to talk about me in their gatherings.”

positive shayari on life

“Learn to help people in your life without expecting anything in return from them and learn to meet without any selfishness.”

famous hindi shayari on life

This is our very small effort, if you have any suggestion or thought then don’t forget to share with us by dropping us an email. If you life our shayari collection then feel free to share our this page on social media sites like twitter, Facebook.

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