21+ SMS on Life in English

Here is a collection of some positive sms on life in English.

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“Having large amount of wealth is not greatest wealth, but having greatest wisdom is.”

life sms

“Condemnation are done of only those who are alive, Those who are been passed away get only praise.”

“If you serious and really want to change your life for good then take responsibility of it.”

“Patience plays major role in our life, never let run out your patience.”

“Everyone is facing hardships in their life; difference is that some are expert in hiding their hardships.”

“Every hardship in your life don’t come to destabilize your life, But some of them come to make your path clear and to bring stability in your life.”

“Spend your life by serving the people and doing good deeds.”

“Sometimes we meet such people in our life, who don’t promise a lot but they do a lot.”

“In difficult situations person needs help but not just advice.”

“Greatest poverty is not that you have no money but greatest poverty is the ignorance and stupidity.”

“Don’t follow acts of vanity and self-glorification.”

“Education has ability to change the life of the people. Help people gaining education and building their dreams.”

“You always remain kind towards the people; you don’t know what kind of hardship they are going through.”

“Don’t break heart of anyone but do your best to mend the broken hearts.”

“Don’t stress nor consider your life as burden, no matter what.”

“If you don’t give gift to a kid then he will weep for a moment, but if you don’t give him moral education and guidance to the path of truth, then he will weep whole of his life.”

“Beware! In our life, falsehood always seems sweat while truth seems full of bitterness. Follow truth no matter what.”

“Never lose hope, face the situation with wisdom and patience.”

“Don’t be aggressive but try to understand feelings of others.”

“Keep your thoughts and attitude positive, your life will be awesome .”

“Never do cheating with anyone in your life.”

“Be with the people who have good heart but not good face. Face will fade with the time but heart will never.”

“Don’t find perfection in your life, We are human and not perfect, Be thankful and grateful for everything you have.”

“Pray regularly and bring righteousness in your life.”

“Do good to others and wish good for others, It will bring peace in your life.”

“Be polite and behave people with good manners.”

“Take care of your friends, family, neighbors, visitors and relatives.”

“Don’t make friendship with fool and mischief people.”

“Don’t trust a miser person nor make friendship with him, He will run away at the time of your need.”

“Don’t make friendship vicious and wicked people; They will misuse your friendship.”

“Strive to bring goodness in your behavior and character.”

“Don’t make friendship with a liar person nor trust him at any cost.”

“Don’t make friendship with those have negative thoughts for everything, They could harm your inner peace, Be with the people of positive thoughts who could bring peace in you.”

“Life becomes easier when you leave worries and sadness and be with the people.”

“Stay positive be away from negativity.”

“Trust in the plans of Allah (God). Be patient, Keep smiling and never overthink.”

“The way it is is difficult to rise a tear spilled from the eyes, in the same way it is difficult for a person to rise when he is fallen from the eyes of someone.”

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