31+ Life status Quotes for Whatsapp

If you are looking for some status on life for Whatsapp then you are at right place. Here we have made collection of some beautiful status on life. You can read and share on status of Whatsapp.

Some status on life for whatsapp are as follows:

“Dear Friends, You are requested and encouraged to maintain physical distancing to save yourself your, your family and loved ones from Coronavirus disease (Covid 19).”

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“Keep having healthy food and proper diet, sleep properly and exercise regularly, don’t torch your nose, eyes and mouth, Wash your hands often with dettol soap with water any other kind soap which is available for at least I minute.”

“Love and Support doctors and health workers who put their life on rescue to save Coronavirus disease (Covid 19) patient.”

charmed life status quotes by William Shakespeare

“Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious (disease), know that is deadly, so please don’t go out, Stay in your home and practice social distancing.”

“It was a great time when I was living life of childhood; there was neither any necessary nor necessity, Life was always amazing.”

“Love support your family, parents, relatives and loved-ones.”

“Take a rest in your life to refresh yourself when you are tired but don’t make a full stop, Make a full stop only once when your goal is accomplished.”

“Don’t let distractions in life lead you away from the real journey.”

“Always strive to improve your life status and bring positive changes.”

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“I am so grateful to get awesome and decedent members in my family and friends in my life.”

“Life becomes awesome when you have good connection with every member of family and friends.”

“Everyone gets time to change their life but no one gets life again to change the time.”

“You the right person to initiate and bring changes in your life to make your life better.”

amazing and happy life status for whatsapp

“Life becomes amazing and full of joy when someone just wants you as much as you want him/her.”

“Our life in this world is a journey, we just need to keep moving on without complaining, this is natural to be up and down would be happening in our life. We just need to try our best that we don’t fell in this journey but keep moving on.”

“Time always doesn’t remain same in our life; know that they also have to weep who make cry to others.”

human rights on life

“You can wipe out tears in my eyes, but you cannot wipe out pains in my heart.”

“Usually in most of cases we see, when a person faces painful and hardship moment in his/her life then He/she remembers his/her loved ones and meets them but when the same person becomes rich then he/she forgets his loved ones.”

“Say no to backbiting and never let lie become part of your life.”

life status for whatsapp

“Always take positive steps with wisdom in each and every steps of your life.”

“If a person is content with what he have then remain happy.”

“Give the same to others whatever you expect from them in your life, If you want love from others then give love to them first, If you want honesty then show them your honesty, If you want respect then give them respect. You get the same in return what ever you give to others.”

“Sometimes you need to remove fears from you heart and go ahead for you positive goal, either it would work for you or not, This happens in life so don’t worry about result.”

“You actions affect life of others so be careful at the time taking any actions.”

“Try to live your life in present memories and forget the past.”

“When you abandon negative people and embrace with good people then your life becomes easier and full of joy.”

“Those who were yesterday may be not today; those who are today may be not tomorrow, This life cycle of cycle of happening keeps moving on. We need keep doing good deeds and move on.”

“Know that the life you have been living, it is a dream for many.”

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“We learn at every step of life, keep learning and making correction in positive way.”

“Knowledge plays very important role in your life so be careful who you take it from.”

“If you move on at right path and always speak the truth then you have worry about nothing in your life.”

“Have patience, good things take time to be happen”

“You will get a lot of opportunities in your life but with challenges, But to garb the opportunity by facing the challenges makes you success.”

“Don’t just spend your time but invest it by doing good deeds and serving human life.”

“Don’t make your life complicated by comparing others, Respect and accept yourself how you are.”

“A person with good heart is better than a good face, Face gets faded with the time but heart never.”

“Keep your heart pure and wish good for everyone.”

“Take your past failures as lesson and try to change your life for better and become a good person.”

“Don’t lose hope nor be sad, No condition is forever in your life, neither happiness nor grief.”

“Have mercy on mankind and take care of poor and needy people.”

“If you want to see truthiness and goodness in others, then first develop it in your life.”

“Forgive others no matter what, it will bring peace and happiness inside you.”

“Be kind and server human life, Help elderly and sick people regardless race and religion.”

“Think positive and stay humble, it will bring peace and happiness for you.”

“If you want a happy life then be positive and smile more but complain less.”

“Be happy with whatever you have in your life, It will make your life wonderful.”

“If you join my hands then Of course this will brings smile and happiness on my face, If you will be friend of mine by heart then Of course, I will take care of responsibilities of friendship, If you will call me by heart then Of course I will reach you no matter how many obstacles are in my path.”

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