10+ Life status for Whatsapp

If you are looking for some status on life for Whatsapp then you are at right place. Here we have made collection of some beautiful status on life. You can read and share on status of Whatsapp.

Some status on life for whatsapp are as follows:

“If a person is content with what he have then remain happy.”

“We learn at every step of life, keep learning and making correction in positive way.”

“Have patience, good things take time to be happen”

“Don’t just spend your time but invest it by doing good deeds and serving human life.”

“Don’t make your life complicated by comparing others, Respect and accept yourself how you are.”

“A person with good heart is better than a good face, Face gets faded with the time but heart never.”

“Keep your heart pure and wish good for everyone.”

“Don’t lose hope nor be sad, No condition is forever in your life, neither happiness nor grief.”

“Have mercy on mankind and take care of poor and needy people.”

“Forgive others no matter what, it will bring peace and happiness inside you.”

“Be kind and server human life, Help elderly and sick people regardless race and religion.”

“Think positive and stay humble, it will bring peace and happiness for you.”

“If you want a happy life then be positive and smile more but complain less.”

“Be happy with whatever you have in your life, It will make your life wonderful.”