31+ Love Status Quotes for Whatsapp

“One you find the sweetness and relief of spreading love, you start realizing the bitterness and trouble of spreading hate.”

“You cannot get loved if you don’t love others, we need to be loyal and love each other to get loved.”

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“Hate can never be removed by another hate, but it can be removed by love and brotherhood.”

“Love people not because of what they have but bemuse of what you feel with the good deeds they do.”

“Keep yourself away from hate, spread love and peace no mater what.”

“I would love getting hated for supporting truth and standing with what I am and stand for, rather than getting loved for what I am not nor stand for.”

“Don’t hurt the person who loves you most but always love and respect them in each and every situation.”

“With love, difficult things become easy and possible, with hate easy things become difficult and impossible.”

“Love will always is always greater than hate.”

“Forgiveness is form of love. Show love and affection to the people by forgiving to them.”

“Rectify your relationship with acceptance, love, respect and forgiveness.”

“If a person truly loves you then he will be loyal to you and will never abandon you no matter what situation he has been facing.”

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“Don’t forces the people to love you the way want but let them to love you the way they want.”

“If you Love and respect yourself then people love and respect you.”

“There us no place of hate where love exists.”

“Love is a weapon to transform an enemy to a friend.”

“Go there where you are loved, respected, accepted and needed but not there  you are merely needed.”

“Love brings peace and relief inside our heart, hate brings trouble and unrest.”

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“Helping, accepting and respecting a person unconditionally is a form of love.”

“Inform your loved ones that you really love and care them, but not just to hear it back for you.”

“You are loved there where you are made happy in the way no person can make.”

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“When there is feeling of true love then there is no place of betrayal.”

“If anyone loves with sincere heart never make him regret for showing love for you.”

“Always keep spreading love, peace and truth in this world because this make makes world beautiful and a better place to live.”

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“Speak the language of love but not hate.”

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“Love, respect, judge and endorse the people for what they are but not for what they are not.”

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“Feed animals and show animals the love, respect and compassion that they deserve.”

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“Love character but not pretty face.”

“No matter how much you love someone, If he has learned how to cheat then he will cheat.”

“Don’t love envy; if you will do so then you will get loved by trouble and ultimately you will lose your peace and happiness.”

“Love for everyone, hate for none. We need to Love people to get loved.”

“I still remember my loved ones like before as I was with them, distance can never eliminate the true love.”

“Those who have ego and hardly love the people, you need to love them most because they need to get loved most.”

“Don’t force someone to love you while they are not interested in you.”

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