15+ Quotes by Malik ibn Dinar

Malik ibn Dinar, born in Kufa, Iraq and passed away on about 748 C.E. possibly Thalangara, Kasaragod, Kerala, India was a Muslim preacher who visited India to propagate Islam in South Asia.

Malik ibn Dinar [ rahimahullah]. is one of the first known Muslims to have come to India in order to propagate Islam in India. Before accepting Islam he was an alcoholic man but later embraced Islam and after embracing Islam He left all the un-Islamic things and practices and became a righteous muslim and a muslim preacher.

Some quotes by Malik ibn Dinar are as follows:

“Since I’ve learned (the reality of) people, I don’t care who praises or criticizes me; as they will be excessive in both.” – Malik ibn Dinar, (rahmatullah alayh)

“To weep in fear of Allah removes sins, just like the wind removes dry leaves.” – Malik Ibn Dinar

“Truth and Lies battle in the heart until one of them expels the other.” – Malik ibn Dinar, (rahmatullah alayh)

“Whoever proposed to the world, then the world would not be not be satisfied until he gave up his deen as dowry.” – Malik Ibn Dinar

“If you see that your heart is becoming hard and your body is becoming weak and your provision is decreasing, know that you are involved in that which doesn’t concern you.”- Malik ibn Dinar, (rahmatullah alayh)

“The devils amongst mankind are more severe on me than the devil amongst the jinn.” – Malik ibn Dinar, (rahmatullah alayh)

“The reason for this is that whenever I seek refuge in Allah, the devils from amongst the jinn flee from me, but the devils from amongst mankind still come to me and tempt me to do wrong openly .” – Malik ibn Dinar, (rahmatullah alayh) // SOMETIMES THE APPARENT ENEMY IS MORE EFFECTIVE THAN THE HIDDEN ONE

Malik bin Dinaar said: “The worldly people leave this Dunyaa without having tasted the best thing in the Dunyaa.’ It was asked and what is that thing? He answered: ‘Knowing Allah.’ “

“By the amount that you worry about Dunya [worldly life], the concern for Akhirah [the Hereafter] will leave your heart, and by the amount that you worry about Akhirah, the concern for Dunya will leave your heart.” – Malik ibn Dinar
“Make the obedience of Allaah your job; you’ll earn profits without (having to) sell anything.” – Malik ibn Dinar[ rahimahullah]

“The hearts of the truthful sincere people long for the hereafter when they hear the Qur’an.” – Malik ibn Dinar[ rahimahullah]

“The people who love the life of this world have left it without tasting the best thing therein.” He was asked: “What is that?” He answered: “Knowledge of the All-Mighty Allah” – Malik ibn Dinar[ rahimahullah]

“Start a business of worshiping Allah, and all types of profits shall come to you without the need of investing any capital.” – Malik ibn Dinar

“It is better for you to transport rocks for the righteous than to eat sweets with the wicked.” – Malik ibn Dinar

“Let the sincere worship to Allah be your only business and He will reward you abundantly without account.” – Malik ibn Dinar

Malik ibn Dinar (Rahimahullah) asked, “In what lies the corruption of the people?”. Hasan Basri (Rahimahullah) replied, “In the death of the heart.”. Malik ibn Dinar then asked, “What is the death of the heart?”. Upon which Hasan Basri replied,  “The love of the world.”

“Whoever finds pleasure in talking to people and doesn’t find pleasure in talking to Allah, then his knowledge has taken a plunge, his heart has become blind, and his life has surely been wasted.” – Malik ibn Dinar

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