11+ Missing Status for Whatsapp

Some missing status quotes are as follows:

“I am going to miss all my friends who have witnessed all my good and moments.”

“I have been missing your good talks and behaviour all the times.”

“I am missing often the days of my childhood when I used to be so innocent.”

“Today I have been desperately missing my good, honest, loyal and thoughtful fiends who always helped me and never let me down.”

“I have been missing your good talks and behaviour all the times.”

Status on missing feelings

“Sometimes we feel one the worst feelings and it becomes a memory at the moment when it is going to take an end.”

“Yes, I am missing and missing about you since yesterday.”

missing status

“No matter how happy I have been at the present moment, If you leave me alone then at the end of the day I would still start missing you until we meet once again.”

status about missing someone

I have been missing you since the day we met and talked about each other.”

missing my family status

“I miss my family when I leave my home.”

“How I can miss to those who hate me, talk evil about me and spread hate about me as much as they can, I don’t hate them but I don’t miss them.”

miss you status

“I always missed you, I am still missing you, I will always miss you until you meet me once again and the day I start feeling better.”

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