11+ Mood Status quotes for Whatsapp

Some mood status quotes are as follows:

“Sometimes smiles works as mood booster and stress reliever so whenever feel that mood is off then smile a lot.”

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“I am in the mood to change my behavior and strive to be a better person.”

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“Try your best to remain in positive mood.”

“Sometimes things depend on the mood of a person.”

“I am not in mood of conversation with negative people.”

“You can change mood of people with positive talks, thoughts and behavior.”

“I am in the mood of going outside and playing the game.”

“Today I am in the mood of giving some tips about how to remain positive.”

“Positive talks make my mood better.”

“I am in the mood of to travel rural areas and breathe fresh air.”

“You can change someone’s mood and style with your positive attitude and conversation.”

“Try to understand mood of others and work accordingly with wisdom.”

“Try to be one of the good mood makers but not a trouble maker.”

“Don’t get annoyed to anyone nor ruin their positive mood.”

“You made me laugh at the time when even I was not in the mood of smile.”

“I love feeling happy and being in good mood.”

“Mood changes with the situations.”

“I am in the mood of to be positive and quit all the negative behavior.”

“Don’t be in a mood that takes you towards hate.”

“It is amazing when someone quickly changes your mood and your heart starts feeling peace.”

“Listen positive, hear positive and watch positive to make your mood positive.”

“It is amazing when someone’s behavior matches with your mood and you start feeling peace from inside.”

“I am not in the mood of to do anything.”

“Now I am in good mood and feeling peace and comfortable.”

“Don’t force your mood on someone else.”

“No one likes to choose intense emotions and mood swing.”

“I don’t like to get in a mood were I don’t know how I feel.”

“Good talks always put us in good mood.”

“Love and respect people from your heart but not from your mood.”

“Unexpected calls from a known person are enough to change your mood.”

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