21+ Whatsapp status quotes on Mother

“Don’t forget that your mother prays for you even you forget to pray for yourself.”

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“Indeed, Motherhood is best and amazing thing in life of mothers, and it really matters in their life.”

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“You should not use sharp words for you mother because She helped you alot and your first teacher is your mother.”

“Every mother has a dream, a dream to see her children very happy and successful.”

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“When you sit with your mom then at that moment you feel like being a kid and don’t feel old no matter how aged you have been.”

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“Love your mother always because you will never get another mother.”

“If a father wants to love their children then his love just for children is not enough but he must love their mother as well.”

“Food taste becomes better when my mom makes them for me, every dish from the hands my mom seems delicious and good.”

“Be kind to your mother and take care of her.”

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“No one could be more faithful and caring than a mother in this world.”

“Just any building cannot be home for you, a home is where mother lives along with you and family.”

“Mother is one who supports you in every situation and wants nothing but see your smiling face.”

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“Mother taught you how to speak and walk so never speak hard in front of your mother.”

“If your mother is alive then you are blessed one.”

“Be grateful and never forget your mom gave you birth and she take care always of you.”

“Love of mother is always precious.”

“Know that mother lost her shining, to make you shine.”

“Never disrespect your mother nor mothers of others.”

“Consider your wife as mother of your children and never disrespect mother of your children no matter what.”

“Be grateful to your mother and appreciate her too much, no one can take place of a mother.”

“If you want to love your kids then first love their mother.”

“Never disrespect a mother, respect mother of others in the same way as you respect to your own mother.

“Love of mother is precious, nothing can replace it.”

“For children, a mom’s arms are very best place to sleep there for them, they sleep there soundly and without scary.”

“Mothers are precious girt to families.”

“Thousands of rupees of today are useless in comparison of one rupee, at the time of when my mother used to give me at the time of when I was going to school.”

“Respect your mother and others as well, as without mothers we would have not been here.”

“Behind every successful person there is a dua of their mom.”

“Do good and Serve your mother to please Allah and seek his mercy.”

“Never abandon your mother when she becomes old, But serve her and seek his blessings.”

“Mother is a person who always stands by side her children in every situation and circumstances, no matter what.”

“It is not possible to put a prince tag on the love of a mother for her children.”

“I feel strong and happy when my mother is with me.”

“A home is not a blessed home where a mother is not respected.”

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