10+ Motivational status for Whatsapp

If you are looking for some motivational status to share on social media like Whatsapp, twitter, Facebook then you are at right place. Here we have made collection of some beautiful motivational status, you can read and share on social media status of your profile.

“Forget the bad times that makes you sad, and enjoy good times.”

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motivational status

“Don’t cry for your loss, Don’t try to lose whatever positive things you have.”

“Trusting on others brings weakness in you, Trusting on Allah brings strenght in you.”

“In the path of life there is a lot of tests.”

“To get the success you need to leave negative attitude, If you will not leave it then success is very far away, even you cannot find a track.”

“Don’t get discourage when people point fingers on you, keep moving on with positive thoughts, positive attitude and positive acts.”

“Face the difficulties and achieve the goals.”

“When you are tired then courage gives you strength to move on.”

“Try to change yourself by learning from failure.”

“Never give up, try to turn your ideas into innovations.”

“Self confidence gives your courage and show you path to achieve the goal.”

“We need to have difficulties in our life becuase it is neccesary to gain sucess in the race of life.”

“If you want sucess then strive till your last breath to achieve it.”

“Some times you have to remain silent to avoid the problems and sufferings.”

“If you have more than your needs, then share from it with needy people.”

“Failures and errors indicate that you were trying. Failure is better than to sit idle.”

“Change your happits for goodness.”

“Speak good, hear good, see good, guide with good and listen good.”

“Don’t manipulate the things, speak good and keep your heart clean.”

“Failures and bad experience taught me how to gain success.”

“Before pointing fingers on others, point some fingers on yourself.”

“Some people become hopeless to see the failure while some people learn from failure and achieve success in the nest step.”

“Don’t give away self respect just for money or to please someone.”

“If someone tries to bring you down, and then know that you are more progressive and superior than him and he is already below to you.”