21 + Nice Status Quotes

Some nice and cute status quotes for WhatsApp are as follows:

“It costs you nothing to be a good human being.”

“If someone comes back to you with positive behavior and attitude then this doesn’t mean always that they are shameless and needy but this is might also be because they love you unconditionally.”

“Be a nice person to your friends and family, they don’t deserve your anger, grudge, or your rudeness. Love, care and cherish them.”

nice status about life

“Don’t worry about the people who backbite or talk about your faults behind your back. They may be the people who are buys in finding faults of others but not finding and fixing their own.”

nice status on happy life

“No matter how difficult situation is never lose hope nor sense of humor nor be sad.”

“Strive to be a good person and don’t try to slander, curse or speak a foul language.”

“You cannot remove the darkness by just talking about it, but you need to strive and do something to remove it.”

nice status on change

“I always prefer quality over quantity.”

“Be the voice of oppressed but never be the voice of oppressor.”

“The smile of babies is always cute and stunning.”

“Every baby is cute and beautiful.”

nice status on crazy

“I always love working with talented and honest people.”

“Be self-respective, always feel cute and never feel ugly.”

“Strive and do struggle to help the people and for change in the society but to grab the power or money.”

“Don’t let your ego to overpower on you, Put your ego aside and move on.”

“Never be stressful nor feel ugly, know that everyone is cute and beautiful.”

nice status on mood

“I strive to be always classy and never trashy.”

“Never try to twist any news nor hide the truth.”

“Always support peace and never create atmosphere of fear, anxiety, intimidation and injustice.”

nice status on truth

“I always try to be humble and better.”

“If you heart is pure then you will be always winner.”

“Your positive attitude and friendly behavior always tell nice things about you.”

very nice status for whatsapp

“Just being an important person is not enough, you need to be a nice person as well.”

“Aligning with the side of truth is always a nice choice in your life.”

“Nice to meet my old colleagues in office.”

“Today I bought a nice looking phone.”

“Always be nice and a sensitive person.”

very nice status quotes about life changing

“Keep your status always nice and classy.”

“Thanks for nice and positive attention.”

“I wish you have a nice and amazing day ahead.”

“Nice to meet you and talk you.”

“Nice to meet you my dear friends and loved ones.”

“Today i brought a pretty nice plant at home.”

“With you visit and affection I felt nice personalized touch.”

“You have always been someone a nice person who I trust you.”

“My family is always a nice family for me.”

“Good bye and have a very amazing and nice weekend.”

“Your pretty beautiful Selfie doesn’t makes you a nice person but your positive attitude and good behavior make.”

“Sometimes an action gives pleasure for a moment but trouble for a very long time.”

“I wear simple clothes and I love it.”

“Always play an important role in making settlement and developing the peace and delivering the justice.”

“Help each other in stopping fake news and lies on social media, Spread peace, happiness and verified news but not propaganda and lies.”

“Doing good deeds is our obligation, Listen to the people and help them to resolve their pains, problems and sufferings.”

“Everyone witnessed good and bad time, so make yourself strong enough to face the difficulties.”

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