11+ Pain status quotes for Whatsapp

Some pain status quotes are as follows:

“Don’t give pain to anyone by just becoming their own, because it gives pain and hurts a lot.”

“Never do hate nor spread hate against me, it will give me pain, It would be better you say me with love that I no longer need you.”

“Don’t give pain to anyone but try to take their pain away.”

“Sometimes a pain cures another pain.”

painful status messages

“Sometimes my deep silence is an expression of another condition of my pain.”

“We need to feel pain when see pain of our loved ones and help them with whatever they need, just meeting and inquiring how they have been is not enough.”

“Some pains could be easily take away by just a smile.”

“Sometimes, it gives a lot of pain when a person’s attitude is suddenly changed and He starts behaving like he knows nothing about me nor he has any relationship with me.”

“If you have a pain then know that there is a purpose behind it so endure the pain.”

“The truth hurts and gives pain but the pain of truth is what sets us free.”

painful truth status quotes

“Telling pain truth may be bitter but not bad.”

“In relationship sometimes you have to bear the pain to please someone.”

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“Express your pain and sufferings through art of positive poetry.”

“If you know how to endure a pain, then pains remain no longer a pain.”

“Sometimes when a pain strikes you then you will your heart is rising and you learn how to endure a pain.”

“Sometimes pain of others is easily visible and they are failed to hide behind fake smile. Try to heal their wounds.”

“Sometimes a pain a changes people in a way that they try to overthink, trust less, feel broken, and feel alone even to be surrounded by crowd.”

“Don’t try to give pain to anyone just because of he is strong enough to handle the pain you give to him.”

“Sometimes a pain teaches us a lesson and gives us satisfaction in our life, so try to endure the pain.”

“Hold on and endure the pain, Know that no pain is for forever.”

“Turn your hardship, Sufferings and pans into wisdom.”

“Sometimes a lesson learnt through a pain becomes very hard to forget it.”

“If you have been going through struggle of hardships, pains and sufferings then keep moving on by enduring; know that after hardship comes ease.”

“Know that all the pain you have been feeling is going to be removed in the memory in near future.”

“Everyone feel pain and sufferings in their life but only few know how to be patient and endure the pain.”

“My heart is so strong to endure and pain and sufferings.”

“Sometimes happiness in life comes after enduring pains and sufferings.”

“Build Sense of freedom and keeping moving on even after having a painful & broken heart.”
“I prefer to speak the truth that is bitter and gives pain rather than to please people with something that is a lie and futile.”

“If you love someone then never fill their ears with lies, mind with confusion, eyes with tears and heart with pain.”

“Hurt me with truth but don’t please me with fake stories.”

status on 2 types of pain

“Some times of pain hurt us while some other types of pain change us.”

pain for change status quotes

“It is better to bear little pain for short span of time to gain change rather than bear pain forever just because of no change.”

“Learn how to bear pain by smiling.”

“Sometimes pain and hardships are enough to bring changes in our life.”

rain and pain status

“When I walk in the rain then it reminds me about my tears when I am in pain.”

pain relief status

“If you are in pain then go at bed and sleep, pain will get disappeared.”

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