15+ Quotes on Paradise (Jannah)

Jannah is arabic word which means paradise or heaven in english. Muslims believe that life of this dunya is not permanent but is temporary and everyone will die one day and real life is hereafter. The believers who obey Allah will be awarded Jannah (Paradise) but who deny existence of Allah and disobey Allah they will surely get place in Hell. To attain a place in paradise a believer is supposed to follow teaching of Quran and Sunnah and worship none but Allah. A believer believes that no one is worth to worship except Allah So a believer avoid shirk and biddah and follow teaching of Quran and sunnah. Quran and Sunnah teaches us to worship one Allah and rely upon Allah.Quran is having words of Allah while Sunnah (Hadith) is what our Prophet (Peace Be Upon him) said and what he did.

Allah says in Quran: “And in the heaven (paradise) is your provision and whatever you are promised.” – [Quran 51:22]

“Allah promises glad tidings for those who patiently bear their losses.” -[Quran:2:155 ]

Anas ( May Allah be pleased with him) narrated: Messenger of Allah, (Peace Be Upon him) said: “Paradise is surrounded by hardships, and the Fire is surrounded desires.” – [Jami’at-Tirmidhi] // This is Hadith

Some Quotes on Paradise (Jannah) are as follows-

“In jannah (Paradise) there the things an eye has never seen, an ear has never heard, and a mind even cannot imagine.” – [Bukahri]

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him) said, “Whoever travels a path in search of knowledge, Allah makes easy for him a path of paradise.” – [Tirmidhi]

“If the world was free of problems then, paradise would lose its value.” – Mufti Menk

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“Don’t risk jannah(Paradise) for this world. If you goal is jannah then follow Quran and Sunnah but not the world.”

“Jannah (Paradise) is the fruit of seed planted here in this dunya; it is the retirement package that you save up in all your years of work.”

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“Islam is My Deen And Jannah (Paradise) is My Dream. May Allah bless me with Jannah.”

“Our savior is none but Allah. May Allah save us the believers from the hell-fire and award us a place in paradise (Jannah).”

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“Be good to each other and help to each other to attain paradise (jannah).”

“If you keep company of the ones who take you away from Deen then know that they are also taking away from the door of Paradise (jannah) so be wise and be with the people who remind you about Allah and hereafter.”

“What a great feeling to be in Jannah. There will be no pain, no heartache, no disappointment, There will be just blessings and a lot of happiness.”

“Allah says Paradise is awesome, imagine how awesome that is when the All-Knowing is calling it awesome” – Nouman Ali Khan

“If Your dream is jannah (Pardise) then follow Quran and Sunnah. Qurn is book of Allah and Sunnah(Hadith) is what our Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him) said and what he did.”

“May Allah guide us to the path of truth, and may he help us attaining His mercy and a place in Paradise (jannah).”

“Obey Allah, Be patient, Take Quran and the Sunnah as source of guidance, face hardship and trials, worship Allah and avoid shirk and biddah. In Sha Allah, Allah will award you with jannah (Paradise).”

“May Allah forgive us and accept our repentance and allocate a place for us in paradise (Jannah).”

“Islam is the only way to gain peace and paradise.”

“May Allah help us to stick the truth and May He make jannah our destination.”

“Pleasing one’s mother is regarded as part of pleasing Allah. Islam tells us that Paradise lies at the mother’s feet, i.e. that the best way to reach Paradise is through one’s mother. And Islam forbids disobeying one’s mother or making her angry, even by saying a mild word of disrespect. The mother’s rights are greater than those of the father, and the duty to take care of her grows greater as the mother grows older and weaker.” – Bilal Philips

“Before you go to sleep tonight, remind your heart that today could be last day of your life on Earth. Pray for forgiveness, and ask Allah to wrap you in His pleasure, His mercy and His paradise before you sleep.” – Dr. Bilal Philips

“Arrogance and pride were the reasons shaytan was expelled from paradise. Do not let it be the reason you don’t enter paradise.” – Dr. Bilal Philips

“May Allah make us among those who are given the glad tidings of Jannah at the time our soul is being removed.” – Dr. Bilal Philips

“May Allah accept our good deeds and forgive our sins and May he build a beautiful home in the highest level of paradise.”

“Serving your parents in their old age is as good as opening the doors of Paradise—so don’t miss out.”

“Donot miss to fast in the month of Ramadan, as fasting will help you to gain a place in paradise.’”

“May Allah guide us to the path of truth and May He make us among the residents of Paradise.”

“Stay with her(with your mother) for paradise is beneath her feet.” – Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him)

“Follow path of truth and Obey Allah this will lead you jannah.”

“Don’t be proud of yourself until you reach in Jannah (Paradise).”

“Every night before you sleep just ask yourself what did I do today to deserve jannah?”

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