21+ WhatsApp Status quotes for Parents

“Parents should not teach their children hate but they should teach them love and peace.”

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“We feel great when we make our parents proud of us.”

“Love, care and protect your parents the way they loved, protected and cared you during the time of your childhood.”

“Caring of your parents and grand-parents who cared you during your childhood is one of the highest honors.”

“Parents should teach their children love, peace, tolerance and truth because when job of parents is finished raising their children, then the public has to live with their children.”

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“Parents are the ones who are supposed to take care of their children at each and every steps, If children go at wrong path then they shouldn’t  to be blamed but parents should be to be blamed.”

“Our parents are one of the greatest blessings for us, don’t do delay in showing love and respect to them, We don’t know how long we will keep having this blessing.”

“Always remain kind to your parents, no matter what.”

“Your parents will never work against you.”

“Your parents had always been part in your success; now you have special responsibility to help and assist your parents.”

“Don’t abandon your elderly parents but accept and assist them.”

“Your one of the biggest fears should be losing the parents.”

“Nothing can replace your parents. Help them, Love them, obey them, and respect them and pray for them.”

“Respect your parents who raised you up like prince.”

“parents should take care of their children and should not let anyone to brainwash them with misguidance and
mischief acts.”

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“No person can love you more than your parents.”

“Parents are one of the greatest blessings. Those are blessed whose parents are still alive.”

“never lose support of your parents, do your best to seek their blessings.”

“Make your parents proud of you by doing good deeds.”

“Pray for your parents.”

“Parents have a great responsibility to take care fo their children and guide them to right path.”

“Don’t do argument with your parents but be good to them.”

“Never use fouls language against your parents who brought you up.”

“Parents are the only ones who always want to see you on the peak of success, no matter what.”

“Helping and taking care of parents is really like paying them back.”

“Love your parents and don’t let them face any type of difficulty.”

“Every parent has a dream to see more successful to their children than them.”

“Parents are the ones who never become jealous to see your growth and success.”

“Know that the sacrifice of your parents for you is always priceless.”

“This is the responsibility of every parent to help and guide their children but not to harm.”

“Parents should be like friend to their children.”

“Do every positive things that makes your parents happy.”

“No person can love you the way your parents love you.”

“never expect the things from your parents, that is not feasible for them to provide you, appreciate them for
everything they provide you.”

“See richness in the love of your parents for you but not in money.”

“Keep happy to your parents with your amazing success.”

“Never disrespect your parents.”

“Always take care of your parents as they bought you up when you was a child and very small.”

“Parents should be more committed to their children’s education and guidance.”

“Love your parents without condition.”

“Parents are scared of demands of their children, It becomes very hard for parents to deny any demand of their
children, when parents are not able to fulfill any demand of their children then they try to manipulate them.”

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