31+ Peace status quotes for Whatsapp

Some peace status are as follows:

“You cannot develop peace without delivering justice, Injustice creates chaos and unrest while delivering justice creates peace and brings stability.”

“I am strong supporter of peace, I support peace over conflicts.”

peace smile quotes by Mother Teresa

“Sometimes we have to reprogram ourselves to bring peace and happiness inside us.”

“Keep negative people aside and never let them interfere with your peace of mind.”

“If you want remove chaos and unrest then develop peace and justice first.”

“There is no peace where is no justice, to develop peace you need to develop justice.”

“We must strive to solve each and every problem by peaceful means and give priority to humanity.”

peace of mind status

“Sometimes, we are in need of to cut ties with some other people for the sake of our own good. Some people roaming around us are not essential for our our own better life.  So if we wan peace of mind then It becomes necessary to cut ties with the toxic people who are filled with negative thoughts and acts.”

“Don’t be among those who claim to be peace makes but they try to harm the peace.”

“There is nothing bad in making peace and settlements, Outcomes of peace are always good.”

“Don’t threaten peace of mind of anyone.”

“If you want peace in your life then speak the truth and mind your own business.”

“Never have desire to avenge because, it could put in trouble in you but not peace.”

“Be friend of someone who brings peace for you but not trouble.”

“Use your money to feed poor and needy people but not in harming peace and stability.”

“If you want peace then prepare for talks.”

“If you people fighting then be part of peace for them and make settlement among them.”

“I have already enough problems, cannot afford more, I need peace but not problems.”

“If two parties are fighting then make settlement among then but don’t try to be provocative.”

“Never take part in any kind of savagery but always try make effort to get brought to justice and are punished all those who are involved in any kind of savagery. Always get aligned with the side of peace and truth. ”

“No one gets peace by avoiding their life, If you want peace then love your life and accept yourself how are are.”

“The solution of the every problem should be peace but not war, war looks good to only those ones who have never faced a war.”

“Patience brings peace and relief inside you so keeps moving on positive path by having patience.”

“We need to strive to build some pace in our heart for peace and humanity.”

“Always support peace, truth and justice; never remain silent in the face of evil.”

“We support peace and humanity; and want to solve every problems through the path of peace, dialog and agreements…”

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