31+ Positive Quotes

Some positive quotes are as follows:

“Strive and work hard to bring positive changes in your life and society.”

“Jealousy takes you towards failure so don’t be Jealous but focus on your work and strive to change your situation. Remain positive and move on with wisdom.”

“To make and see positive changes in your life, You need surround yourself with positive people and stay away from negative people.”

positive quotes on humility

“Leave arrogance, Seek truth with humility and simplicity.”

“Always remain positive and save yourself from covetousness , jealousy and arrogance .”

“Be beneficial to the people but not harmful.”

“If you want to be among the best then you must remain positive and learn how to handle the worst.”

“Whenever you react on any issue then react on it in positive ways because it really matters how you react on it.”

positive quotes by scott stabile

“Negative mind brings trouble and unrest in the heart while positive mind brings peace.”

“Never stress nor feel stress nor sad, Always feel blessed for all the good and useful things you have and forget the negative.”

arundhati roy positive quotes voiceless

“Don’t think about negative things but think about positive things .”

“If you are going at wrong path and someone trying to correct you then don’t feel offended, accept the wrong and try to fix it.”

“If you are a doctor then this doesn’t mean that you wish that people suffer with illness.”

“Be kind, humble and soft-hearted, speak positive and with wisdom.”

“Remain positive and be sincere in all your intentions and actions.”

“Be among those who extinguish the fire but not who fuel it.”

“If you a lawyer then this doesn’t mean that you support wrong people.”

positive quotes on past by Maya Angelou

“Never hesitate in accepting your own faults and correcting them.”

“Never hesitate to speak the truth and assisting poor and needy people.”

“If you want to build healthy relationship with your relatives or friends then never lie, never cheat, accept how they are, accept their rights over you, be positive in talks and behavior, and be kind and grateful.”

“Be good with your neighbors, know that you can change your friends but you cannot change neighbors.”

good positive life quotes in english

“Majority people join a track that is easy, but it doesn’t mean majority people always follow the right path.”

“Take your past as guidance but not as a lesson. Note that your past doesn’t define you but it guides you.”

“These days, It is very hard to find a perfect person. Every person has good and bad qualities. Learn something from their goodness and ignore negative acts.”

“Don’t grieve nor be sad, every life has good and bad days. Accept happily both.”

“Don’t let your heart get defeated, try again and again and again.”

“Accept people how they are, It would be easy to build health relationship.”

“If you want build confidence inside you, then do the things first that scares you.”

“When you have courage and ability to ignore negative people around you, happiness comes with you.”

“First listen to them after that leave your comment over them.”

“Don’t be friends of those who do negative talks; Never let anyone waste your time.”

“Our thoughts make us which kind of people are so always make your thoughts positive and full of wisdom.”

“Don’t feel irritated nor refute those who try to guide and correct you.”

“A person with pure heart and positive in thoughts has deepest love for mankind.”

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