31+ Positive Status Quotes for Whatsapp

If you are looking for positive Status for Whatsapp, then you are at right place, Here we have made a collection of positive status for Whatsapp, You can read and share on your status of Whatsapp.

Some positive status are as follows:

think positive status quotes

“Stay positive in each and every situation, even if it is negative.”

“Don’t point fingers on people by looking for the faults in them but guide them to the path of truth and look for the excuse for the people.”

positive thoughtful status

“Be positive in every circumstances no matter what, Keep doing good deeds without self-interest.”

“If you want to judge me then judge me by the people I ignore in my life.”

goodness status for whatsapp

“Do goodness, people will follow to you.”

positive status about life

“Stay positive and don’t break trust of anyone.”

positive status for whatsapp

“Don’t take seriously to the people who spread fake news and lies, Respond people with positive response.”

positive status on life

“Don’t just tell the people that you are a good person, but do the things in such positive way that they start believing that you are a good person.”

“Stay positive and don’t judge people nor point fingers on them for the same fault (s) that you commit behind closed doors.”

“Leave ego and start thinking positive, you will find right, best things are ahead.”

“Be grateful and positive, never harm nor betray those who help you.”

“Always make positive move and do good deeds at every at steps of your life.”

“Goodness is such kind of investment that never let you fall in loss.”

“Good behavior and positive attitude bring positive outcomes.”

“May be bad people are roaming around you, but who have stopped you to be good person.”

“if a defeated person keeps smiling with positive attitude then a victorious persons loses his happiness despite of being victorious.”

“Positive thoughts make your life better, Don’t abandon positive thoughts.”

“Positive people take positive actions.”

“Remain positive and respect feelings of others.”

“Try your best to stay positive in every situation, no matter what.”

“If you have negative thoughts, then don’t expect positive life.”

“Good things take time to be happen, stay positive, be patient and follow the process.”

“Stay positive and don’t overthink, Overthinking removes your happiness and makes you sad.”

“Don’t find the negative things in the positive situations.”

“Stop worrying about past, you cannot change past, stay positive and focus on your current and future.”

“Always leave positive influence.”

“Stay positive, don’t give pain but heal the pain.”

“Positive mind and positive vibe bring positive outcome.”

“Do positive things and live with positive people to gain positive energy.”

“Be kind, be honest, be grateful, speak the truth and stay positive.”

“Positive thoughts and positive feelings bring happiness for you.”

“If you want positive result then you should think positive and should act positive.”

“Think positive, speak positive, hear positive, see positive and do positive.”

“if you want that good things happen in your life, then stay positive and grateful.”

“We should always be ready to accept that whatever happens, it happens for good.”

“Always forgive them who admit their mistake and accept the correction.”

“No one can make you happy as long as you are positive and happy with yourself.”

“It is hard to be perfect but it is very easy to be loyal, I am not perfect but I am loyal.”

“Show your kindness to all the people.”

“Build self-confidence and do anything that is positive.”

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