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In Islam prayer is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is also called as Salat or salah or namaz. Offering prayers five times a day in an obligatory religious duty of each and every Muslim.

before performing salat believer purify them selves by doing udhu and make intention to pray Allah. During performing salat (Prayer) muslims Stand to face the Qibla. If one doesnot know how to pray then he/she should learn how to pray in the light of Quran and Sunnah.

prayer sms quotes

Some prayer sms to encourage you to offers prayers are as follows:

islamic prayer sms

“Don’t take prayer (Salat) as burden. Prayer gives us relief.”

prayer sms message

“Prayer purifies our hearts and brings mercy of Allah to us.”

“May Allah accept our prayers and forgive our sins’”

“Prayer is most important in life, Pray your slat no matter where you have been and in what sitution you have been.”

“Allah is our Lord. Our relationship with Allah is nothing except obedience to him. Salat (prayer) is an essential part of our relationship with Allah. If you will lose Salat (Prayer) then you will lose everything.”

“No one can provide us success to us except Allah. Allah will grant us success us if We obey him and pray him.”

“If you want success then obey Allah, remember Allah and Pray to Him.”

“Prayer is the key of success. Prayer will work for us If we obey Allah.”

“If you don’t offer prayers, then you will always feel, you have been missing something good in your life.”

“Be constant in your prayers and seek help from Allah through prayers and patience.”

“Be (steadfast in your prayers and humbly submissive during it as it prohibits immorality, shameful, unjust deeds and wrongdoing acts and it opens the door of jannah.”

“Donot seek help form creation but seek help from Allah by offering prayer who created everything inculding us.”

“Prayer cures a sick soul, heals broken hearts and stops you doing wrong.”

“Focus on prayer and leave worry because prayers changes the situation.”

“May Allah make among us who donot leave prayers.”

“Sins take you away from Allah while prayers take you back to Allah.”

“Prayer is just like water, It keeps the root of Imaan alive so never forget to pray salat.”

“Sincere prayer and faith in Allah brings light in the heart.”

“Prayer is powerful never doubt the power of prayers.”

“Prayers take you near to Allah.”

“Be humble in you prayer and Pray to none but Allah.”

“No one is worth to worship except Allah (God) so pray to Allah and none.”

“Prayer provides us protection so pray with sincere heart and seek mercy and help of Allah through prayer.”

“Know that prayer changes everything but worrying changes nothing so put prayer on priority.”

“A prayer with sincere heart is never wasted.”

“Worrying gives you tension and frustration while prayer gives you peace and stability.”

“Don’t believe in luck but believe in power of prayer.”

“Start you morning with prayer and end the day with prayer seek help from Allah and none.”

“Prayer is a weapon for believers to overcome the hard situations.”

“Use patience and prayers to overcome hardships and sufferings we face.”

“Prayer can change your situation so remember Allah and offer prayers.”

“Prayer is an essential part of life. If you lose your prayer then you will lose everything. Never get tired of prayers .”

“May Allah guide us to offer prayers in the light of Quran and Sunnah.”

“When prayer is done with patience and sincere faith in Allah then it becomes best weapon to overcome the hardship and trials.”

“Just because you don’t see your prayer answered prayer mean Allah prayer respond your prayer .”

“Prayer becomes powerful when it is done with patience and sincere faith in Allah.”

“When prayer become part of your life then success becomes lifestyle.”

“Prayer is the free wireless connection to reach Allah who created me, you, all and everything.

“You need to believe in Allah and obey him to be accepted your prayer.”

“Prayer is the best medicine for sick soul and Allah is one who cures the sick soul.”

“Call of prayers (Adhan) is a call to get real success so leave seeking success from worldly things and rush for prayer when you hear Prayer call.”

“Allah is best listener. No one is as best listener as him so you don’t need make shout during prayers. Allah hear and sees everything.He listens even silent prayers of a sincere heart”

“Perform your prayers (salat) timely and seek help from Allah through Prayer.”

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