10+ Short SMS on Ramadan

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims. During month of Ramadan, Muslims fast try to good deeds and refrain from committing sins.

Some on the month of Ramadan are as follows:

“Holy month of Ramadan teaches us discipline, obedience, gratefulness, patience, unity, righteousness, helping poor and needy people, and more positive things that are necessary and useful for mankind.”

“May Allah help us to reach month of Ramadan.”

“Month of Ramadan brings guidance and hopes for us.”

“Fasting during month of Ramdan shows obedience to Allah. May Allah make us an obedient servant of Him.”

“May Allah make coming Ramadan rewarding for muslim ummah.”

“Reaching to the month of Ramadan is one of the blessings from Allah.”

“During holy month of Ramadan, just fasting from food is not but we also need to have fast from committing the sins.”

“May Allah have mercy on us and allow us to witness holy month of Ramadan.”

“May Allah accept our worship and all the good deeds done in the Holy month of Ramadan and save us in future from committing the sins, and May Allah guide us to right path.”

“Know that reaching to the holy month of Ramadan itself is a blessing from Allah.”

“Take advantage of Ramadan by doing good deeds and avoiding misdeeds.”

“Do good deeds in month of Ramdan as much as you can and don’t miss any fast.”

“May Allah answer your duas and accept prayers during month of Ramdan and always.”

“Welcome month of Ramdan with joy, harmony, peace and hopes.”

“Ramadan brings an opportunity for us believers to become  a better Muslims.”

“If Ramadan ends then also we believers are supposed to do good deeds and avoid committing sins.”

“Month of Ramadan motivates us to do good deeds and refrain from misdeeds.”

“May Allah bless Muslim ummah during month of Ramadan, make our month of Ramdan peaceful .”