31+ Status quotes on Relationship for Whatsapp

Some relationship status are as follows:

“Build trust in relationship and try to make relationship last longer, but not temporary just like job in a company that you leave when you get a better offer.”

“Relationship is built on the basis of trust so never break test.”

“If we want good relationship then we have to build it, Know that it doesn’t happen automatically.”

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“A true relationship is when people accept their past, support their present, speak truth with each other, love and encourage each other to build better future.”

“Let your relationship bring joy and happiness for you but not pain, sufferings and misery life.”

“Mutual love, care and respect for each other are essential part of a healthy relationship in our life.”

“It is very hard to find a perfect spouse, try to make perfect who you have got.”

“When trust is broken, then relationship falls under trouble.”

“If you want a healthy relationship then leave ego and never try to justify your wrong acts nor mistakes acts.”

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“If you want long term and healthy relationship then be grateful put your ego aside and never lie.”

“Never become cause of emotional pain or blackmail as it hearts a lot to relationship.”

“Be honest in relationship and don’t do any relationship just for time pass.”

“Most often a relationship breaks just because of lack of mutual love, respect and loyalty, but not because of interference of other ones.”

“Always keep reminding your own people that you are theirs and you are available for them, otherwise time will teach you and will force you to live without your own people.”

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“Trust makes a relationship deep; keep your trust always deep.”

“Relationship is built to take care of each other but not to use and take extra advantage.”

“A good relationship is one in which there is no place of ego and attitude.”

“When fundamental values and beliefs are equal then it strengthen the relationship.”

“Improper communication creates trouble and breaks a relationship.”

“Never be in hurry to break any relationship.”

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“If you want to save relationship then know that no one is difficult but everyone is different, so deal the way that is perfect.”

“For a healthy relationship, there should be reflections of honesty, frankness, Independent, daring, Optimistic, mutual respect and loyalty.”

“If you are honest and serious about the relationship then be a person who strives and wants to be kept in relationship no matter how difficult situations and circumstances arise.”

“Try to carry a relationship with heart and loyalty.”

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“None one is prefect, everyone has some faults so don’t break any relationship just because of few faults.”

happy relationship status

“A relationship becomes last longer when you accept flaws, mistakes and weakness knowingly.”

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relationship status for whatsapp

“Sometimes Assessing too much becomes cause of breaking a relationship.”

“Don’t use foul words in your speech, if you want last longer relationship.”

“Don’t break a relationship or quit talking just because of you found a better one.”

“When a relationship is new then people find a way to talk, but when a relationship becomes old then people find a way to avoid the talk.”

“When sweetness of tongue takes an end then relationship becomes under trouble.”

“Best relationship carries understanding and mutual respect and loyalty.”

“A relationship becomes last longer when two people prefer to keep it, fight to retain it, and work work to build trust for each other.”

“A relationship is a best relationship that returns at just like before even after feud just by a smile.”

“To build a last longer relationship, it doesn’t need a pretty face nor cute voice, But it needs a beautiful heart with good feelings and affections.”

“My relationship is such with my loved ones, when they are in trouble then I lose the relief and sleep.”

“You should make your life such that it respects the relationship, Try to build a relationship so robust that it forces others to remember.”

“If you want to build strong rand last longer relationship then never do cheating at any step, because once cheating is done then it becomes very hard to a relationship to get back to normal and right track.”

“When communication is finished then relationship falls under trouble.”

“Build such relationship in which there is less ego but more understanding, Less quarrel but more conversation, less show-off but more love and mutual respect.”

“Don’t let there communication gap in relationship, Communication gap harms relationship, Make time for each other and always keep in touch and talk about things.”

“Trust and loyalty plays major role in any relationship, Trust each other and be there for each other, forget past and focus on present and future.”

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