21+ Religious Quotes

A religious person believes in Allah, his messengers, his angels, his books, last day of this dunya, hereafter, in Allah’s decree and a religious person worship Allah and none. Religious person is faithful servant of Allah and he/she believes in oneness of Allah. A religious person believes in oneness of Allah (God) and considers Prophet Muhammad, (Peace Be Upon him) as last and final messenger of God (Allah).

Some religious quotes are as follows:

“Posting Religious quotes and saying on social media doesn’t make one Religious but obeying God and worshiping him makes religious.”

“One you find the sweetness of Faith, you start realizing the bitterness of the sins.”

“There no sad endings for the believers who truly trust Allah and rely upon him (Allah).”

“Always remember Allah. Remembrance of Allah gives us strength.”

“We all are human and we commit sins. If Allah can show mercy on us and forgive ours sins then why we cannot show mercy on other humans and forgive them?” // We need forgive others so that Allah forgive us.

“When Allah is with you then everything is possible. Allah will be with you when you obey him.”

“Never put me in a situation where I have to pick between friendship of you and my religion.”

“Religious life makes us more tolerative and helps us to understand the sufferings of oppressed people.”

“A religious person always fears Allah because Allah (God)is one who knows what is in every heart.”

“A religious person helps and takes care of his/her neighbors and never and never does wrong to them.”

I am believer. I believe in Allah (God). Allah created me. I worship creator (God) but not creation.”

“Religious life removes ego from us and brings peace in our heart.”

“Leave bad people and look for a righteous friends.”

“Don’t use your sacred places for unholy acts.”

“A religious person is against racism, Racism has no place in Religion of Islam.”

“If you saved a single life then it is like you have saved whole Mankind.”

“No one is worth to worship except Allah (God). Allah has no partner. We alone him worship and we alone him ask for help.”

“No one becomes religious by just reciting Quran but becomes religious by following teaching of Quran and working according to it.”

Jesus (Peace Be Upon him) said, “Allah (God) is my and your Lord so worship him.”

Moses, (Peace Be Upon him) said “Be patient and seek help from Allah.”

“Religious life brings peace in the heart and it gives hope for hereafter.”

“Taking birth in a religious family doesn’t make one religious nor a religious type name makes one religious but obeying Allah (God) and worshiping him makes us religious.”

“Without Allah (God) we are nothing. We shouldn’t forget God Created us.”

“Allah (God) created mankind and jinn only that they might worship him (Allah).”

“Prayer purifies our hearts and saves us from wrong doing.”

“Don’t force the religion on anyone, Show people the beauty of religion through your own practice and religious life.”

“Believing in God and obeying him will make us successful.”

“A believer spends righteous life and seeks help from Allah through prayer and patience.”

“A believer worship none except Allah (God).”

“A religious person (who trusts in Allah) bows down Allah and none. Allah alone is sufficient for him/her”

“Forgive others so that Allah (God can forgive you and work in obedience of Allah.”

“This life is a journey. We all are traveler. Those who have forgot the path they also are travelers. One Day everyone has to leave this world.”

“If You are facing hardship then don’t give up. After hardship there comes ease. You know God given us this life as a test and everyone has not got a same test paper.”

“Knowing God brings peace inside you.”

“Be righteous and keep doing good to others no mater what, It will come to you in unexpected ways.”

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