21+ Quotes by Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma born on 18-March 1965 , in Port Hawkesbury, Canada is a Canadian writer, Author and leadership speaker, best known for his The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari series. His mother’s name is Shashi Sharma and father’s name is Shiv Sharma.

Some quotes by him are as follows:

robin sharma quotations

“Your results are dependent on your devotion. Your performance reveals your practice.” – Robin Sharma

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“Never sacrifice happiness for the sake of achievement. The real key to life is to happily achieve.”- Robin Sharma

“Each tiny effort builds on the next, so that brick by brick, magnificent things can be created.” – Robin Sharma

“Success without decency is a hollow victory.” – Robin Sharma

“To betray your values amid times of crisis is to follow instead of lead.” – Robin Sharma

“A problem is only a problem when seen as a problem.”- Robin Sharma

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“A bad experience is only a bad experience because we process it as a bad experience.” – Robin Sharma

“Become a master of time management.” – Robin Sharma

“Promises broken=Reputations lost.” – Robin Sharma

“Winning without helping is losing.” – Robin Sharma

“Being scared is part of being truly alive. Accept it. And walk through it. Your are larger than your fears + bigger than your doubts.” – Robin Sharma

“Focus your best hours on your biggest opportunities.” – Robin Sharma

“If people aren’t laughing at your dreams, your dreams aren’t big enough.” – Robin Sharma

“Leadership is not about your title, it’s about your behaviour.” – Robin Sharma

“Education is inoculation to disruption. As you learn more you can achieve more.” – Robin Sharma

“The harder the situation, the more growth there is available to you if you look for it.” – Robin Sharma

“Fear only becomes powerful when you give it your power.” – Robin Sharma

“The goals you don’t set reveal the dreams you don’t do.” –  Robin Sharma

“The bigger the dream, the more important the team.” – Robin Sharma

“Success/productivity/results often have more to do with what you don’t do versus what you do do.”- Robin Sharma

“Be slow to criticize and fast to appreciate.” – Robin Sharma

“Failure is fuel for success. If you choose so.” – Robin Sharma

“Enthusiasm is contagious.” – Robin Sharma

“The great secret of passion is an emotionally compelling purpose.” – Robin Sharma

“Forgiveness isn’t approving what happened. It’s choosing to rise above it.” – Robin Sharma

“How to build a movement around your product, business and brand? One relationship at a time. It wont be easy. It will be worth it.” – Robin Sharma

“Your results are dependent on your devotion. Your performance reveals your practice.” – Robin Sharma

“The words you use either free you or chain you. Words have the power to open up new realities. And inspire new possibilities.” – Robin Sharma

“Clear future goals create precise daily behaviors.” – Robin Sharma

“If its not difficult at first, its not real transformation. So why pursue it?” – Robin Sharma

“Jealousy is the price greatness pays to experience its best ambitions.” – Robin Sharma

“The leader’s job is to lift people up versus take people down. Today, please affirm the value of all those around you.” – Robin Sharma

“As you grow more, you can see more. As you know more you can achieve more.” – Robin Sharma

“Today’s a great day to behave as the person you’ve always wanted to be.” – Robin Sharma

“The best way to multiply productivity is not to do more but to do less, on better activities.” – Robin Sharma

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