40+ Islamic Sabr Quotes in Englsih

I have collected some Islamic quotes and Duas on sabr in English. Read quotes and Duas and if you feel that quotes/duas mentioned here are interesting then don’t forget to share on socials media status of of your social profile.

Some beautiful Islamic sabr (patience) quotes in English language are as follow:

“Sabr is precious; Allah is with you when sabr is in you.”

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“Don’t lose Sabr. sabr is bitter but its fruit is sweet.”

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“If you have sabr, then you are strong. Allah is with those who have sabr.”

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“If you have Sabr with your family then it is is love, If you have patience with others then it is respect. If you have sabr (patience) with self then it will generate confidence and patience with Allah is part of faith.”

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“Happiness comes automatically when you rely upon Allah by having sabr. Allah loves the believer ones who have sabr.”

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“Ya Allah give me sabr during hardship and forgive me for the wrong i’ve done.”

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“Allah puts on trial to those whom he loves. Most of us are all being tried with some type of difficulties and hardness. Don’t run away from it. Overcome it by having sabr.”

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“Life Is A Test. If Allah answers your prayers, He is increasing your faith.
If He delays, He is increasing your patience.
If He does not answer, He has something better for you.
May Allah grant us sabr to deal with difficult times.”

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“sabr(patience) is a blessing from Allah. May Allah bless us with sabr.”

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“Sabr is a must to overcome hardship and trials.”

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“May Allah grant us sabr until the right time when our dua to be answered and May Allah provide clarity of our minds and free from worry.”

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“Never lose hope and sabr (patience) at the time of when you are doing good deeds, and don’t expect return of favors from anyone other than Allah.”

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“May Allah accept our dua and bless us with sabr when our life gets rough and hard.”

Quran quotes about sabr

“May Allah accept our duas and guide us and soothe our heart with sabr when we face hardship and we don’t understand what is happening around you.”

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“Ya Allah, give me sabr when things don’t go my way.”

“Ya Allah, give me strength and patience(sabr) at the time of hardship.”

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“Allah is with us when sabr (patience) is with us.”

“Don’t give up, Donot lose your hope. Allah is testing your patience (Sabr). Be thankful for your trials. If you’re being tested, you’re being perfected.” Alhamdulillah

“Allah never said the road would be easy. But he said “I will be with those who have patience.”

“The solution to every problem is in sabr and istighfar(is the act of seeking forgiveness from Allah).”

“O Allah bless us with ever lasting sabr (Patience) and ever lasting Faith in You.”

“Ya Allah, give me sabr and save me from hating anyone.”

“Life is a test…Believers Must have sabr (patience).”

“Be patient for what was written for you was written by Allah who is greatest of writers.”

“Allah is with those who have sabr..The pain we feel in life and the hardship we experience in life make our soul more pure…Test and hardships cleans our sins away…Allah is so Merciful.”

“Behind every smiling face , there is an untold story of sabr.”

“May Allah protect our hearts from shaytan, strenthen our imaan , forgive our minor and major sins and give us sabr to handle the situations and trials.”

“Hearts are fragile. Handle them with dhikr, salah, qur’an, sabr and du’a.”

“If you bear hardship with patience then victory is eminent.”

“Sabr is a relief from Allah.”

“It is difficult to be patient but to waste rewards for patience is worse.” – Abu bakr(RA)

“Ya Allah, make us of those who have sabr, and grant us your mercy and your forgiveness.”

“May Allah give sabr to those who are suffering from an illness and grant them a speedy recovery.”

“Ya Allah, Please fix problems of my heart and soul. Please make me righteous and give me sabr. Help me to remain patient.”

“Ya Allah this blessed month of Ramadan is now ended please allow us to witness new one, please help me to remain steadfast in your Deen.”

“Ya Allah, please give me sabr and ease my trials.”

“Ya Allah, please help me hold my tongue and observing sabr when people make me angry.”

“I know this life is a test but ya Allah I’m failing so badly please help me. I need your help.”

“Ya Allah please strengthen me when I am weak and give me sabr when I am facing your trial.”

“Ya Allah please help me in controlling my anger and with my sabr.”

“ya Allah please help me with sabr and controlling my feelings of jealousy and anger.”

“Ya Allah, please help me through bad times and hardship and give me sabr. Please show me some sign that you haven’t abandoned me!”

“Ya Allah, please give me sabr and help me to mend my soul.”

“Good things come to those who wait patiently.”

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