21+ Sad Status Quotes for Whatsapp

Some status on sadness are as follows:

“No one becomes forever, there is only little company with everyone, be happy whatever is in your life and don’t consider anyone the reason to live.”

“Keep having patience and never feel sad or disappointed when someone rejects you, Know that most of the people reject the expensive things to gain cheap things.”

“Don’t be the reason of someone’s sorrow but be the reason of their peace and happiness.”

happy and sad status quotes for whatsapp
“Don’t hold on the things permanently that make you sad, Forget past and focus on present and future, This will make you a happy person.”

“When I hear tragic and awful news then I feel sad; and I wish this news become wrong.”

“When I am silent then people ask me the reason behind the sadness, but when I am smiling then they ask the reason behind smile.”

“Don’t let sadness of yesterday destroy your pace and happiness of today.”

sad status images about life

“I am feeling sad but still smiling, I am very good in hiding my pains.”

“I am not sad but tired.”

“I never feel sad when something goes against me; I strive to bring things on the right track.”

“Sad and stress condition gives nothing but takes away many things.”

“I am not sad but feel hurt and betrayed.”

“Never feel sad no matter how much things hurt you.”

“Always strive to wipe out tears of your loved ones.”

“Never do silly things with your loved ones, Strive to make them feel loved but not sad.”

status quotes on sadness, tears and crying
“Tears express deepest grieve and sadness.”

“Sometimes people change their mindset because you are sad.”

“I feel sad to see a sad person.”

“I feel so sad o hear about your loss.”

“Sometimes situations make us sad but it is true.”

“Never feel sad to see the situation, know that everything happens for a reason.”

sad status images

“I am happy when I see my friends are happy but I don’t try to make sad to my friends when I am sad.”

“I came to know to meet you that you have been still struggling with the same issue, I really feel sad.”

don't be sad status

“Don’t cry nor be sad, be happy and try to make everyone happy. Sadness brings nothing fruitful but it destroys our inner peace and happiness.”

“The way some deep rivers can flow without making any sound, the same way sometimes the deep sorrow and sadness moments in life of people could be without any tears.”

cheer up to a sad status

“If you are feeling sadness then try to cheer up to someone to remove your sadness.”

“Never let your family to feel sad with your actions but let your actions make them happy.”

just sad status

“If you think I am angry then really it is not, I am just little bit sad.”

“Happiness boosts your health while sadness harms your health, so always remain happy no matter what.”

“Don’t grieve nor be sad, strive to heal what hurts you.”

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