5+ Shayari Translated from Hindi to English for Whatsapp Status

If you are looking for shayari images to share on your social media status then you are at right place, Here we have uploaded some good quality of shayari with their translation in English. Now download shayari images and share with your family, friends and loved ones on social media.

motivational shayari with images

“Now it is the need of time to speedup and fight against storm, How long you will keep your self aside.”

positive shayari

“Sometimes I think that if parrot can speak sweet even after eating Chili then why we cannot speak sweet even after eating sweets.”

shayari on beggars with images

“Never behave with any beggar at your own door because he comes not just for begging but also comes to make a dua for you.”

emotional shayari

“You don’t have love in you heart for me and I don’t have hatred in my heart for you, There is only a complaint of me to you and yours to me.”

emotional shayari on life

“My this style gives pain to some just because they think how he still moves on straight even after so much hardships.”

sad shayari

“I feel breathing problem in these closed rooms, when open the windows then harmful air comes inside.”

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