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Full name of sheikh albani was Muhammad Nasiruddin al-Albani. Sheikh albani (May Allah have mercy on him) was born on 1914, Shkodër, Albania and passed away on 2 October 1999, Amman, Jordan. He was an Albanian Islamic scholar who was specialized in the area of hadith (Sunnah) and fiqh.

Some quotes by him are as follows:

“I firmly hold that anyone who makes a claim must mention it with proof.” – Sheikh Albani

shaykh albani quotes on dhikr

“Saying that Allah is everywhere is a major shirk which negates the oneness (Tawaheed) of Allah in his names and attributes.” – Sheikh Albani, [Source: Silsilat al- Huda wan-nur, P.- 741-742]

islamic quotes by sheikh albani

“When a white man makes fun of a black man due to his skin colour or vice versa means to make fun of Allah who created them.” – Sheikh Albani, [Sisila Huda wan noor, 24]

“Know the sunnah so that you will know tha biddah, However if you know the biddah then it is not possible for you to know the sunnah.” – Sheikh Alban,i [ Sisila Huda wal noor-715 Compiles by Abu Ammar Yasir]

“The person who is seeking the truth, one evidence will be enough for him. A person who is upon their desires, a thousand clues will still not be clear for him.” – Sheikh Albani

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