25+ Quotes by Shirish Kunder

Shirish Kunder born on 24 May 1973, Mangalore is a Indian writer. Here is list of some motivational Life Quotes by him.

“Don’t chase others. Focus on improving yourself. People will find you” – Shirish Kunder

shirish kunder life quote on Fear


“Fear is a weapon you give others to be used against you.” – Shirish Kunder

shirish kunder life quote on true meaning


“To know the true meaning of what is being said, listen to what is not being said.”- Shirish Kunder

shirish kunder life quote on pull you down


“When someone tries to pull you down, don’t misunderstand them. They are only looking for company.” – Shirish Kunder

shirish kunder life quote on silenced


“The words of the wise will be silenced by the aggression of the fools.” – Shirish Kunder

quote on idiots by shirish kunder


“Idiots can be identified by whose fan they are.” – Shirish Kunder

7. “When we look back at life, the moments we cherish the most are that of struggle, not happiness. Because that’s what we are most proud of.” – Shirish Kunder

8.”Life is like a game of chess. You cannot win by only moving forward. Sometimes you need to move back.” – Shirish Kunder

9. “People may never have the time to help you do something, but they’ll always make the time to tell you that you cannot do it.” – Shirish Kunder

10. “Everyone makes mistakes. A fool repeats his mistakes. A wise man makes new mistakes.” – Shirish Kunder

11. Basically, we are very selfless people. We are always more concerned about “What will others think?” instead of “How will we feel?”. – Shirish Kunder

12. “Newspapers mostly print bad news. Negative reviews are most watched. Humans are inherently sadists. They love bad stuff happening to others.” – Shirish Kunder

13. “Every time someone refuses to help you, be grateful for it. You will learn to walk on your own faster, if no one holds your hand.” – Shirish Kunder

14. “With knowledge comes confidence, which to an ignorant, appears as arrogance.” – Shirish Kunder

15. “When people who thrive on confusion feel threatened by your clarity of thought, they label you as ‘arrogant’.” – Shirish Kunder

16. “Never show a mirror to an idiot. He’ll blame you for what he sees in it.” – Shirish Kunder

17. “Any fool can lead people to hate. It takes great character to lead them to love.” – Shirish Kunder

18. “Fear is a weapon used by bullies who fail to command your respect.” – Shirish Kunder

19. “The biggest threat to any democracy is its uneducated, willfully ignorant and uninformed people.” – Shirish Kunder

20. “The only thing worse than making a mistake is defending it.” – Shirish Kunder

21. “Future depends on whether you have spent your time or invested it.” – Shirish Kunder

22. “When you’re obsessed about winning, you’re not enjoying the game.” –  Shirish Kunder

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