11+ Short Quotes about Life

Some Short quotes in sms form are as follows:

“Don’t trust those who make change in their thoughts and promise in with the time.”

“Don’t stop seeking knowledge by thinking that you know everything.”

“Doing good deeds is your responsibility, Don’t do good deeds to showing off.”

“Knowledge is better than wealth.”

“Knowledge has ability to give you power.”

“No matter who you are, you must accept the truth and changes for better life.”

“Follow good characters, it will bring respect for you.”

“You cannot buy respect with money.”

“Respect is earned but not bought.”

“Keep your heart clean, always and speak the truth.”

“Try to become rich in knowledge, rather than money.”

“Knowledge and passion brings success.”

“Strive to gain knowledge, practice it in your life and share it with others.”

“Racism is a part of ignorance, Don’t support racism nor practice it.”

“When you have passion to gain knowledge, then you can do amazing things.”

“Don’t believe in bigotry but embrace with love, kindness and forgiveness.”

“Sometimes we behave like we know all the things, but actually we donot.”

“If you have knowledge then share it with others to shape their future.”

“If you share your knowledge with others then it will not decrease but will increase. So keep sharing the knowledge.”

“Your knowledge shouldn’t bring ego inside you, Your knowledge should make you more humble and tolerate .”

“knowledge comes by learning and wisdom comes from siting with good people.”

“Seek knowledge and wisdom both in your life.”

“Don’t speak about things, you have no knowledge, Learn after that speak.”

“Know about the things after that speak about the things.”

“Don’t be jealous nor try to take revenge, forgive others, this will bring peace in your heart and mind.”

“Forget the past, focus on present and future.”

“Make settlement among the people to bring peace, don’t disturb the peace.”

“You can gain inner peace by helping poor and needy people.”

“Don’t let ugly behaviors of others weaken your faith.”

“Know that your life is very short, so don’t waste the time. Do good deeds and help others.”

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