11+ Short Status quotes for Whatsapp

“Speak less but listen more.”

short status on attitude

“My attitude will always remain positive no matter how you treat me.”

“If I am quiet then this doesn’t mean I am blind. situations make me quiet but not blind.”

“Try to understand feelings and situations of others.”

motivational short status quotes

“Don’t judge anyone with their neither appearance nor point fingers over them but try to improve yourself.”

“Try to learn how to speak, what to speak and when to speak.”

“Mind your own business, and don’t get involved in unnecessary arguments with others.”

“Remain positive and move on, don’t care about what people think and say about you.”

“If you want the others respect your own privacy then you respect the privacy of others.”

“Cleanse your heart, and start forgiving others.”

“Never hate your life, try to change your life for better of yourself and society.”

“Seeking knowledge is very important in life; never underestimate the value of education at any cost.”

“Try to understand the value of your time, voice and words.”

“Be the one who inspires everyone to who meet you, Let people learn from you and do good works.”

“Don’t follow any situation that may destroy your inner peace.”

“It is not crime to disagree with anyone, whenever you disagree with anyone then despite of this remain respectful and don’t lose your patience and temper.”

“Remain quiet and respectful even if someone disagrees with you while you are correct.”

“Respond your critics with wisdom and smiling face.”

“Try people with love and respect, no matter what.”

“First change yourself in positive ways after that try to change others.”

“Encourage and support to others to build a better society.”

“If someone got success to cheat you then have patience and wait for the time.”

“Hungry stomach, fake love teaches a lot in our life.”

“Those who become emotional and break down into tears on the things, they are not weak in heart but they are loyal.”

“Bad times give you a chance to identify who is your and who is not of yours.”

“Never let continues failures and sufferings distract you.”

“A good person is not selfish; he just keeps himself away from those who don’t respect him.”

“Never tell people what is in your heart, here in a while a blank paper becomes a newspaper.”

“You can wake up a person who is sleeping but you cannot wakeup a person has been pretending to be sleeping.”

“Don’t fear with those who debate but fear with those who do treachery/Betrayal.”

“Stay positive, work hard, never give up and move on.”

“Don’t compare your own life with others, know that sun and moon both shine but at their own time.”

“Do services of everyone but don’t expect from anyone in return.”

“The ones give respect who have respect but those ones will give what type of respect who don’t have any respect
even for themselves.”

“Keep yourself away from those who don’t consider you as theirs.”

“Hardship makes us strong and teaches us to talk with wisdom.”

“Lucky are not those who have gotten everything good but lucky are those who make good to everything whatever they have gotten.”

“Without patience power becomes useless, those are strong who has power with patience.”

“Respect is neither earned with fight nor gained with right but is earned with good behavior.”

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