11+ Smile Status Quotes for Whatsapp

If you are looking for some smile status text to share on status of your social media profile then you are at right place. Here we have made collection of some beautiful status, Now you can read and share on social media status of your profile.

“Smiling is among such type gifts Which are very precious even without price.”

smile status in english for instagram and whatsapp

“Learn how to smile even during the time of hardship and pains.”

“Keep smiling in each and every situation, no matter what.”

“If you have lips but you never smile then, it is just like you are having millions of dollar but you have no information about it.”

“If you see a person/people without smile then give them your own smile by just smiling.”

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“Never let anyone take away smile from your face. Keep on being the source of smile and happiness in the life of others.”

“I smile when I am happy, and I smile when I see someone happy.”

“They are very strong people who keep smiling and move on even during the time of trouble and hardship.”

“Even thousands of grief cannot change my status, I have a habit of smile.”

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“Smile of children is always very cute.”

“Be the reason of smile on the face of someone, You will not just get happiness but peace and relief as well.”

“Learn how to smile, you have already learnt weeping at the time of when you took birth.”

“Learn to smile even in troubled and difficult Situations.”

“Sometimes I use smile to solve the problems while some times I sue silence to avoid the problems.”

“Start your day with Smile, coolness, positive attitude and thoughts, gratefulness.”

“Sometimes smile works well to solve the problems.”

“Learn to change your tears to smiles.”

“Try to become reason of smile on the face of someone, No matter whether you get happiness or not but you will surely get relief and peace.”

“If you got a problem then don’t cry but keep smiling, know that no problem is permanent.”

“Smile at the face of the people who even hate you most.”

“Don’t do such acts that brings pain to the heart of others and removes but do such acts that brings happiness and smile on the face of others.”

“If you want to hide you true feelings then you need just smile.”

“Smile works just like medicine to cure the tension.”

“Make happy to the people with your smile when they are sad.”

“Some times your just one smile is enough to stop tears of someone.”

“Smile works just like rest for a tired person and it works as light for a sad person.”

“Some times, You can make someone happy even by just a smile.”

“When you smile then peace comes inside you.”

“Some times just a smile becomes source of happiness inside you.”

“Some times a smiling face hides a dangerous pain.”

“Try to become a reason to see smile on the face of others but not sorrow.”

“Control you smile if it is going to hurt someone.”

“No matter what people are thinking about you, be happy, keep smiling and move on.”

“Your smile generates smile on the face of others.”

“Don’t smile to see someone in trouble or facing problem because of you. First remove their problem and bring happiness at their face after that smile in front of them.”

“Use your smile to bring happiness on the face of others but sadness; never let others to change your smile into the sadness.”

“You good behavior and actions give a reason for smile to others.”

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