21+ SMS Text Messaging Quotes

SMS texts are short in nature that could be used to send on mobile devices. At the time of sending sms you should strictly avoid sending sms text message to unknown people because sending sms to unknown people could create problem for you. If you want to send sms text message then send to your family members, relatives, friends and loved ones whom you know well moreover don’t send sms text to the ones who are busy in their job.

Some sms text message Quotes are as follows:

“After hardship comes ease, let be calm and have patience.”

sms text messaging quotes

“Help people to ease their problems but not to show off.”

“keep doing good work and don’t be in race if taking credit of done works by others.”

“Keep spreading peace, love and brotherhood. Defeat hate with love and tolerance, no matter what.”

“Injustice and oppression can never bring peace but justice and love can.”

“Defeat falsehood with truth and use appropriate words in your speech.”

“If you awake and are alive then thank to Allah for another day of life. Thank Allah every day you get up because you got more time to do good deeds and worship him ”

“May Allah remove all the evil surrounding from us and forgive our sins.”

“May Allah guide us today and every day and forgive our sins.”

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“If you are a believer and you got hardship then don’t lose hope nor be sad. Face hardship and overcome it by having patience and faith in Allah as there is reward from Allah..”

“Donot turn away from the struggle to overcome hardship. Allah tests the believers so face the trials wisely.”

“Allah has given us believers greatest gift ie Islam. No one has given us greater gift than Allah.”

“Control your Nafs and battle remove evils from inside of your self that makes your imaan weak.”

“This life is a journey and we are traveler. Everyone has to die and return to Allah”

“May Allah brings peace in our lives and in the lives of our people and guide us to the path of truth.”

“May Allah make us kind and bless us with characteristic of humanity.”

“Do good deeds, speak the truth and fear Allah where you are.”

“For us believers Islam is our real wealth.”

“If you rise, and your brother is down, then help your brother to rise.”

“Maintain your Prayer, engage in acts of kindness and work in the cause of Allah.”

“Donot run away from helping ppor and needy people.”

“Be right, and do right, and think right.”

“If your imaan is not strong then prayer alone will not help you. You need to have stong faith in Allah to get help from Allah.”

“Keep your heart humble and speak good and truth.”

“Do good not only for your self but do good to others as well.”

“Eearn respect by doing good deeds, appreciate honesty of others, fulfill promise you make to gain trust and be a faithful and loyal servant of Allah.”

“Allah helps the ones who are obedient towards him and follow the path of truth. If you have Allah then no one can harm you.”

“Don’t be slave of your desires.”

“When Allah is pleased with someone then he bestows understanding of Religion (Islam).”

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