21+ Awesome Facebook Status Quotes

“Timeline/wall of my Facebook profile is for me to express my views and opinions, Feel free to unfriend me if you don’t like my views.”

“Never post your personal problems on Facebook; You are the right person to fix your personal problems not others on Facebook.”

“Just because I am active on Facebook and other social media sites, this doesn’t mean I am free at all.”

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“Do things on Facebook for goodness but not seeking any attention.”
“Sometimes I feel crazy to myself but sometimes I come here on Facebook to share with my Facebook friends.”

“Space of Facebook timeline is your own space you cannot post whatever you want but you are supposed to post positive things because your timeline is viewed by many.”

“Long time ago I used to focus on my work, until someone encouraged me to create a Facebook account, Now I got addicted to use Facebook.”

“Don’t make anyone neither jealous nor angry with your Facebook status but keep everyone happy.”

“Update your Facebook status with wisdom and the way what is best.”

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“Keep such friends in your Facebook fried list who remind you about true purpose of your life in this world, and they guide you to the path of truth.”

“I am deleting negative people from my Facebook friend list.”

“Don’t do any kind of hate speech nor be involved bullying, Respect privacy of everyone, be kind and courteous to everyone you meet on social media sites and on ground as well.”

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“As long as you remain positive, you deserve to stay in my friend list of Facebook and other social media profiles.”

“Sometime Facebook addiction keeps you so much busy that you forget your pain. But sometimes Facebook addiction causes pain.”

“Don’t get fooled by Facebook post of someone, First learn their behavior and attitude.”

awesome status quotes in english for facebook, whatsapp, instagram

“I don’t get impressed by your Facebook, WhatsApp status quotes and thoughts but I get impressed by good deeds and positive behavior you do with others.”

“If you are active on social media sites like Facebook (FB), Instagram, twitter, pintrest etc. then behave like a socialist person and use decent words and language

“Before reacting with any negative comment on my Facebook post just ask your self., did I ask you to follow my page?

anti social media status quotes by Bill Murray

“Don’t compare your life on social media nor be excessive in using social media (Twitter, Facebook(fb), Pintrest, Instagram etc). Use social media but don’t let it to stress your life, Don’t compare your life with others on social media, Be grateful and accept your uniqueness.”

“Never let fake news on Facebook to fool you. First verify the news after that trust it“

“Which hurts you most-?
a. When your phone gets broken
b. When your heart get broken
c. When your trust gets broken
d. When you are facing body pain.”
“I am really sorry, I cannot accept any more friend request on Facebook because by friend list has reached 5,000 members, Now Facebook doesn’t allow to add more, Yes you can subscribe my page.”

“When someone gives no reply of my Facebook messages then I become happy by just thinking that my message got their mouth shut up.”

“Sometimes I think If I make no fb post till one month, then would someone still miss me like this?.”

“I always unfired those on Facebook and in real life as well who threaten by peace of mind and self-respect.”

“Every time I login into Facebook, and See that you and I are always connected.”

“I would never delete you from my Facebook friend list, so that you are able to see how happy I have been there without you.”

“Do you want to focus on your work and make money? Just go on setting of your Facebook profile and deactivate your fb profile now leave fb addictions and start focusing on your work rather than FB.”

“You should never be salve of Facebook addictions, Keep focusing on your real work as well.”

“Never dare to show me your negative attitude on Facebook, My Facebook block list is even biger than your Facebook friend list.”

“It doesn’t matter how long friend list you are having in your Facebook profile but it does matter that how many loyal friends you are having in your fb friend who read and react your fb posts and comments and also they can ask sometimes what is up.”

“I was able to delete your text messages, pictures and you from my friend list but I was unable to delete your memories and good times we spent together.”

“Thanks to those who accept friend request on Facebook and thanks to those as well sent find request.”

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