11+ Status Quotes in English for Whatsapp

Some Status Quotes in English are as follows, You can download for free and share on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.

“Some times we realize that those illiterate people are better who use their wisdom than the literate ignorant people who work without wisdom.”

“Never argue with any person with the intention to expose or win, rather try to have intention to seek the truth.”

best status in english

“When it comes positive repose then never be too little or too late”

“I am glad to know that you like my WhatsApp Status messages.”

“A person should not be punished until proven guilty.”

motivational status in english

“A situation becomes very harmful and destructive when a person things that he knows everything and moves on with his decision, while He knows nothing.”

“Struve to gain knowledge of truth, knowledge will liberate you and set free from the slavery of the people in this world.”

“If someone is true friend of yours and truly cares about you then make an effort at every step but not an excuse.”

“Try to find true friend, when friendship is true then you may be together and friendship will remain forever.”

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“We should not judge any person with their appearance because we can never judge a book by its cover.”

“Work with wisdom and never work just like brainwashed robots.”

“Grudges remove our happiness.”

“I am very happy with the small circle of my loyal and honest friends.”

“If you want peace and happiness in your life then avoid responding to mischief, critical, argumentative, and rude people.”

“When you start anything then don’t behave like a crazy person, Keep calm and work with wisdom.”

“When I have been quiet then know that I would have been looking into the dark secrets of your soul.”

“We are supposed to remain cool and respect feelings of everyone no matter what.”

“I keep myself so busy in doing my job to forget to check message of my phone.”

“Never blames others for your fault, admit the mistake if you commit.”

“It is your responsibility to take care of your parents.”

“Always keep calm and remain tolerative.”

“Whatever happens let it happen, face the challenges with wisdom.”

“If you do good deeds and depend on yourself then it gives you strength but when you do nothing and depend on others then it weakens you.”

“Never be miser to bring smile on someone’s face, it costs $0.00.”

“We together can make this world better place to live, lets spread peace and love.”

“I am doing no argument, I am just trying to explain the things to prove my claim.”

“If you want happiness in your life the avoid negative talks, do good deeds and people without expecting anything in return from them.”

“Don’t take any action without knowing outcome and results of the action, It will make your journey easy and will save you from regret.”

“Never worry about your failure, You just need worry if you keep missing the chances without trying.”

“If you want change your life then you need to change your thoughts and attitude.”

“You just not focus on beginning but you also need to focus on finishing to reach the goal.”

“Never forget why you started the thing you have been doing.”

“Don’t forget to the ones who make sincere efforts to stay in your life.”

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“Never seek to destroy the positive values.”

“Don’t believe in fable stories, Go in depth to know the truth.”

“If your friendship is true then no one can undermine it.”

english status about life

“If you have done anything wrong then you should accept it and never try to deflect it to put blames on other.”

love status in english

“You don’t need to be jealous nor declare someone bad to prove yourself good.”

“Focus on to be original instead of perfection.”

“Sometimes we stumble our strength during the time of struggles in our  life.”

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