31+ Status Message Quotes for Whatsapp

Some status messages are as follows:

“I don’t have unnecessary hunger collecting a lot of money and becoming a rich person.”

“Don’t focus on the pain and hardship you have gain in your life but focus on the lessons you have gained.”

“I have been striving to change my life for quite some time, I wish from now I follow positive and right path always in my life.”

wishing status messages

“Never be a two faced person, always practice in your life whatever you preach to others.”

cool status messages for whatsapp

“For me is it is very important to be fair to others.”

“Don’t offend anyone in return of advice or any kind of help. Always advise people in private and help without any any show off.”

stop judging status quotes and message

“Don’t judge anyone in public but advise them in private with wisdom and the way what is best.”

“When I am at workplace, I treat everyone equally and fairly.”

wishing messages in english

“Every condition and status of a person gives us a message and teaches us a lesson.”

“If you want to be a good team leader then you need to learn how to be fair to others.”

standing alone status for whatsapp

“I try my best not to make same mistake twice.”

“You guys desever our praise, love and support.”

“Never refuse to accept reality and truth.”

“I love to see smile on the face of the people who are struggling with the hardship.”

relationship status messages for whatsapp

“I do good deeds to help the people but not to seek attention and show-off.”

“When I found myself on the path of truth then i don’t care what people think about me.”

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“Donot point fingers on thers nor be excessive in critisizing others.”

“Love your loved ones too much and support them with whatever they need, this life is a lournry and not permannet but is very fragile.”

“I donot be sad for no reason.”

“When we start helping others then we start feeling better.”

“Hate is a kind of weakness and there is strength in the love.”

“You should hold accountable to yourself whatever you say and do in your daily life.”

discord mood status message for whatsapp in English

“Don’t break a heart, behave the people in proper and decent manners and be good to them.”

“With humailty comes honor and wisdom.”

“Behave with humility towward one another.”

“DONOT behave and laugh like a crazy person.”

“I lways welcome criticims becuse it helps me in improving myself but criticims should be sincere and postive.”

“If you are wrong then accept your fault with humility and put your ego aside.”

“Do not lose consciousness in the case of passion and pride, Ignoring rules could be harmful.”

“I urge my Facebook friends not display and spread rumors, just display and spread verified true news.”

“Never underestimate the value of time and patience.”

“We should help each other to stop rumors and fake news of social media sites like twitter, Facebook, Instagram.”

“Always maintain peace and discipline no matter who you are and where you are.”

“Keep your mood always soft and positive.”

“Don’t let your humour tell others that you are a wealthy person.”

“Strive to improve and develop your sense of humour.”

“Never allow anyone by your acts that you have no self-respect.”

“If you are a team leader then never overlook hardworking team members.”

“We don’t align with those who had no respect for us.”

“Don’t let things of yesterday to destroy things of today.”

“Simple words put major impacts.”

“Strive to be honest to be yourself and others too.”

“When something is not working properly anymore then you need to accept the change and correction.”

motivational status messages for whatsapp

“Continuous practice strengthens our power and it helps us to reach the point of perfection.”

“You guys helped me this success to happen, I appreciate your help, support and patience.”

“Always spread message of truth, unity, brotherhood, peace, love and humanity in the society.”

“I wish you live long, healthy, happy and righteous life.”

“I support equality and social justice for everyone regardless caste, creed, color and language.I always say no to racism.”

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