11+ Status Quotes for Whatsapp

“Donot give away your respect and dignity just for money.”

“Never abandon respects for your self.”

“Show the kindness and mercy on every every living things.”

“Be friend of those who is unconditionally loyal and gives you best advise.”

“Be humbale and have a speace in your heart for family, relatives, neighbours, poor and needy people.”

“Cotroll your anger at every situation no mater what.”

“Be humble and try to remove arrogance and selfishness from your heart.”

“Donot laugh at others no make fun of them.”

“Keep doing good deeds and kindeness and continue to be a better person, no matter peole appricite you or not.”

“practice kindness and compassion in your life and try to become a better person.”

“Forgiveness is not weakness but is strength. Be kind and forgive others.”

“Be humble and forgive others to gain inner peace and joy.”

“Don’t destroy peace by spreading fake news and propaganda.”

“Don’t behave bad people with bad behavior but behave them good as you are.”

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