21+ Quotes and sms on Subhanallah

Glory be to Allah who is perfect. Some quotes and sms on SubhanAllah are as follows:

“Glorified be Allah [SubhanAllah]. He is free from from what they attribute onto him.” – [Quran, 37:158-159]

“SubhanAllah, Quran is the only book in the world which is error free and no contradiction.”

“We can earn reward of charity by just removing harmful things from the path. SubhanAllah”

“Allah is most merciful and forgiving. SubhanAllah”

“Allah opens the doors for success, we have to walk through them. SubhanAllah.”

“SubhanAllah!!! Allah is the Perfect Creator and the Creator of All as He wishes!!!.”

“If Allah doesn’t give us the things when I ask…He will surely give us when we need…. SubhanAllah.”

“SubhanAllah!!! Prayer is very significant pilar in the religion of Islam.”

“We ask; Allah gives.
We cry, Allah listens.
We do sin, Allah forgives.
We repent, Allah accept our repentance.
We knock the door of Allah; he opens.
We embrace Islam, He welcomes.
We request, Allah gives.
We have problems, Allah solves.”
We insist, Allah grants us.
Everything we do is about us, and everything he does is about us. “Surely Allah is the greatest. SubhanAllah.”

“Allah knows what’s in the heart and what our intentions are that’s why we will be judged by it SubhanAllah.”

“Amazing feeling when Allah allows you to help someone in need. SubhanAllah.”

“That feeling when you start to lose all your hopes and Allah suddenly bless you with more than you could have imagined. Subhan’Allah!!!.”

“SubhanAllah (Glory be to Allah.)
Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah)
Allahu Akbar (Allah is the Greatest).”

“Ask Allah for everything, He will give you. SubhanAllah.”

“Allah has blessed me with Islam. SubhanAllah, I am so lucky to be on the right path.”

“Real rich person is one who is having richness of imaan. Dhikr helps the heart grow richer in imaan. SubhanAllah.”

1) “subhanAllah”
2) “alhumdulillah”
3) “la ilaha ila Allah”
4) “Allahu akbar”

“The night of decree is is better than thousands of months.” SubhanAllah

“SubhanAllah. Mischief people are buys in defaming islam but Islam is still the fastest growing relgion in the world.”

“Allah has blessed me with Islam. I am a Muslim. I will be always Muslim … I’ll die Insha’Allah as a Muslim and I am proud of being a Muslim.” SubhanAllah

“That moment when you’re sad or stressed out, you read the Quran and you feel like Allah is comforting your soul. SubhanAllah.”

“I have an endless list of wishes to ask from Allah, but Allah never gets tired of listening to them. SubhanAllah!!”

“The best gift to give someone without them knowing is Dua. SubhanAllah.”

“The Prophet (Peace Be Upon him ) even made dua for us at the time of when he about to passing away. SubhanAllah.”

“SubhanAllah! We Muslim should never fall into something that is going to give you a short term pleasure but everlasting punishment.”

“SubhanAllah! Even donating half date we can earn a reward from Allah so never become shy if you have only little to donate.”

“When I look back and think how perfectly Allah has planned my life and blessed me with everything that I need, I so happy, SubhanAllah.”

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