10+ Success Status for Whatsapp

“Success and achievements should be measured by taking care of situations.”

success status for whatsapp

“Success is earned but not bought.”

“If you want success then set a goal for what you want and work hard to achieve it.”

“We get real success in our life at the time when we help others to gain success.”

“The door of success opens for those who knock it.”

“Do good work and let your parents witness your success.”

“You need to work with dedicated to get massive success.”

“May all of you get happiness and success in your life.”

“Don’t let ego take over you after getting success.”

“learn how to get success by doing things in the positive way and following the path of truth.”

“Don’t let the failure discourage you, Learn how to get success by reviewing your failure in life.”

“The beginning of success starts by following positive attitude.”

“You need to invest your time and efforts to achieve the success, there is no success in overnight.”

“If you want success, then understand the value of time.”

“Patience, kindness, positive thought and good character play major role in achieving the success.”

“If you want reach at the peak of a pole then you need to learn climbing, If you want success in your life then you need to struggle for it.”

“Failure show the path of success.”

“Your success makes me happy.”

“Set a goal and focus on it to achieve the success.”

“endure hardship and stress today and enjoy success tomorrow.”

“To get success in your life, you should be ready to catch the opportunity when it comes.”

“Don’t be jealous but be happy to see the success of other ones.”

“If you want see success in your life then just wishing is not enough but you need to start doing.”