21+ Quotes by Sufyan al thawri

Sufyan al thawri or Sufyan ath thawri born on 715 AD, in Kufa, Iraq and passed away on 778 AD, in Basra, Iraq was a Islamic scholar, Hafiz and jurist. Some quotes and sayings of him are as follows:

Sufyan Al-Thawri (May Allah have mercy upon him) used to feel a joyful relief when he found a needy person at his door! He would say “Welcome to the one who has come to wash away my sins”

“No saying is proper unless accompanied with action and no saying and action is proper unless accompanied with intention, and no saying, action and intention is proper unless they are consistent with sunnah.” – Sufyan al-Thawri

“Be truthful at all times and in all places. Stay away from lying and deception, and do not sit alongside liars and deceivers, for all such deeds are sins.” – Sufyan al-Thawri

“Indeed, these kings have left the akhira for you, so leave the world for them.” – Sufyan Al-Thawri

“Beware of showing piety on your face when you do not feel it in your heart.”  — Sufyan al-Thawri

“Whoever listens to an innovator has left the protection of Allah and is entrusted with the innovation.” – Sufyan al-Thawri

“Knowledge will bring honour to you in this world and the hereafter.” – Sufyan ath-Thawree

It is reported on the authority of Al Waki b. Al-jarrah: “we went out one Eidwith Sufyan Thawri and he said; the first thing we will do on this day is to lower our gaze”.

“Whoever’s knowledge makes themselves cry, that person is the true scholar.” — Imam Sufyan al-Thawri

“Be patient at all times and in all places, for patience leads to righteousness and righteousness leads to paradise. Do not become angry and furious for these two emotions lead to wickedness, and wickedness leads to the Hellfire.” – Imam Sufyan ath-Thawri

“Spread your knowledge, but be careful of popularity.” – Sufyan al-Thawri // May Allah purify our intentions and make our Emaan strong Ameen

“When the narrators use falsehood, we use history.” – Sufyan al-Thawri

“There is nothing that corrupts a person or rectifies him more than [his] companion.”- Sufyan al-Thawri

“Three qualities are from sabr:

Not speaking about your misfortune.
Not talking about your pain.
Not praising yourself”.” – Sufyan al-Thawri

“If someone remarks “What an excellent man you are!” and this pleases you more than his saying, “What a bad man you are!” know that you are still a bad man.” – Sufyan al-Thawri

“I would rather have Allah judge me than my parents on the Day of Judgment. Because I know that Allah loves me more than my parents.” – Sufyan al-Thawri

“Knowledge is only learned to put into practice the Taqwā of Allah the mighty and sublime.”  – Sufyan al-Thawri

“If Shaytaan defeated me yesterday, I will defeat him today with repentance and good deeds.” – Sufyan al-Thawri

“The most difficult thing I keep observing is my intentions as it is always apt to change.” – Sufyan al-Thawri

Sufyan al-Thawri asked Mohammed bin al-Mundakir, “What remains of your pleasures?” He replied, “Meeting the brothers and instilling happiness into them.”

Sufyan Al-Thawri once said: “I have missed Qiyam (night prayers) for 5 months because of a sin I once committed.” // When we hold fast to our night prayers, it becomes our “shield from sin” – [Tirmidhi]

“If you know yourself, then you’ll not be harmed by what is said about you.” – Imam Sufyan Al Thawri

“Take good care of the people of Sunnah for they are strangers.” – Imam Sufyan Al Thawri

“If you know yourself, then you’ll not be harmed by what is said about you.”  -Sufyan al-Thawri

“Whosoever loves one whom Allah loves only loves Allah. And whosoever honors one whom Allah has honored only honors Allah.”  – Sufyan al-Thawri

“We were in front of Imam Abu Hanifa like small birds (sitting) in front of a Falcon.” – Imam Sufyan al-Thawri

“Keep yourself busy in remembering your faults, so that you have no time left to remember the fault of others.” – Sufyan al-Thawri

“To arrive early for the congregational prayer is to honour the prayer.” – Sufyan al-Thawri

“There is nothing more difficult for me to correct than my intentions, for it continually attempts to change.” -Sufyan al Thawri-

“The one who prays for his parents after every salah will be considered an obedient child on the day of judgment.” – Sufyan Al-Thawri.

“A person does not have an understanding of the religion until he thinks of a hardship as being a blessing, and comfort and luxury as being a tribulations.”- Sufyan al-Thawri’

A man once told Sufyan al-Thawri, We hit our children if they do not pray. Sufyan told him, “You should rather [encourage them and] give them glad tidings.”

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