11+ Quotes by Imam Suhaib Webb

Suhaib Webb is American Imam and writer who reverted to Islam from Christianity in 1992. He was born on 29-June 1972, Oklahoma, United States.He is author of book ‘Essentials of Islamic Faith: For Parents and Teens’

Some quotes by Imam Suhaib Webb are as follows:

“Flattering someone who is doing something wrong is a sign of…hypocrisy.”- imam suhaib webb

“If you worry that your prayers will not be answered because of sins. Remember that shaytan’s prayer was answered when he asked Allah for for more time.” – imam suhaib webb // We should pray and have patience.

“This life is the greatest lie ever told, and the hereafter…is the greatest truth ever unknown.” – Imam Suhaib Webb

“Heartbreak reminds us that the dunyā is painful, fragile and unstable.”- Imam Suhaib Webb

“One of the greatest signs of spiritual chaos…is belittling sincere advice.” Imam Suhaib Webb

“Check your intention like you check your e-mail….every 3 to 4 hours.” – Imam Suhaib Webb

“To make fun of Islam is active kufur.” –  Imam Suhaib Webb

“If u want to memorize Quran, watch tv less.”- Imam Suhaib Webb

“If someone says ‘I feel far from Allaah’, ask them, ‘Who moved?’ – Imam Suhaib Webb

“If someone wrongs to you, forgive him.”- Imam Suhaib Webb

“Knowledge is the sun, good character is its light.” – Imam Suhaib Webb

“The beauty of a woman comes from the noor of Allah nuot the noor of L’OREAL’.” – Imam Suhaib Webb

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