11+ Quotes by Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

Shaykh Sulaiman Moola is a Islamic scholar from South Africa. Some quotes by him are as follows:

“In Islam ,If we dont need recognition & praises ,we would move rapidly just like the noble companions of the Prophet.” – Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

“Resisting temptation is surely difficult but definitely easier than the challenge of trying to wean yourself off it, after addiction.” – Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

“No condition in this world is forever, neither joy nor grief.”- Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

“Become generous in all regards. Spend, acknowledge, compliment, recognize and pay tribute.” – Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

“The greatest benefit of virtue is not the rewards rather the facts that it stimulates one to do more good.” – Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

“What cannot be cured must be endured.” – Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

“Loyalty is a tree that bears only good fruits.” – Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

“A smile of a child is a sight to see. A natural Anti-depressants.” – Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

“Jealously and animosity are razors that save your deen away.” – Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

“Take active measures to flush out malice. Apologize, forgive, and reconcile.” – Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

“It is better to have a clean heart in soiled clothing than a soiled heart in clean clothing.” – Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

“Take care of your soul! Its comfort is in the obedience of Allah.” – Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

“The human ego will incite you; don’t be a salve to your ego.” – Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

“Some people live such a life that practically everyone can recall a nasty experience with them, while others leave pleasant memories in all.” – Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

“A long life may not be good enough but a good life is long enough”. – Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

“It’s easy to BECOME a father, but difficult to BE father” – Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

“Life is so short. There isn’t enough time to love, I don’t know where people find time to hate!.” – Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

“If you can’t have what you like, perhaps you should consider liking what you (presently) have.” – Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

“Age doesn’t cause the destruction of memory but sins do.” – Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

“Some people die , but they give lives to million people, their legacy lives.”- Shaykh Sulaiman Mulla

“Greed destroy us.” – Shaykh Sulaiman Mulla

“Avoid disappointment through minimizing expectations from others, including your children.” – Shaykh Sulaiman Mulla

“Strange how sensitive our ears are to the beeping of the phone, yet deaf to the caller for prayer.” – Shaykh Sulaiman Mulla

“Be honest, be just, be fair, even if you have to say that my people are wrong–that is the beauty of Islam” – Sheikh Sulaiman Mulla

“I consider everyone better than me…because i assume he sins and i KNOW i sin.” – Shaykh Sulaiman Mulla

“Aspire to inspire before you expire.” – Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

“When The world is advancing technologically, belIeve me, it is re-progressing morally and spiritually.” – Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

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