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Tawakkul is a Arabic word which means fully reliance on Allah and trusting on his plans.

Allah wants us believers to rely on him and put trust in him. If We obey Allah then he will help us, If we will deny his command then why he will help us.Just we need think how many of us having pure heart who speak truth, Just think how many of us are who pray salat 5 times a day? Just think how many of us help poor and needy people? just think how many of us fast during month of Ramdan? Just think how many of try our best to follow Quran and Sunnah. Just saying that I rely upon Allah is not enough if we donot obey Allah then how we can rely upon Allah?

Allah says in Quran, “Rely upon Allah if you are a believer (Muslim).” – [Quran 5:23]

“Obey Allah, Seek forgiveness from Allah, maintain prayers, Make Dua, follow Quran and Sunnah, Do your best, And leave the Rest to Allah.”

“Allah knows best what is best for us and at what time so We believers should rely upon Allah and by having patience. indeed Allah’s plans are best.”

“Put your complete trust in Allah’s plans and rely upon Allah.”

“Put your trust in Allah to seek peace, mercy and blessings of Allah.”

“Allah makes things easy for the ones who put their trust in Allah and rely upon Allah.”

“Tawakkul (Putting trust in Allah) brings peace in the heart of believers.”

“If you put full trust in Allah and rely upon Allah then Allah will take care of you, He will make possible for you even when things look impossible.”

“Whoever obeys Allah and puts his trust in Allah then Allah alone is sufficient for him.”

“Our hearts get purified when We put trust in Allah.”

“Tawakkul is to have full faith in Allah and rely upon Allah over every things, even when things look very hard and impossible despite of this you strongly believe that Allah will help you and He will provide you a way to get things done for you.”

“We believers should believe in the plans of Allah because we are believers. If we truly believe then Allah will make things easy for us.”

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