20+ Quotes on Put Trust in Allah

Tawakkul means to put your trust in Allah. Some Quotes related Tawakkul(Trust in Allah are as follows)-

“and put your trust in Allah if you are believers indeed.” – [Quran, 5:23]

“And place your trust in Allah.Allah is enough as a guardian.. ( Surah Ahzaab:3)

“Allah is sufficient for me. I have placed my trust in Him, He is the Lord of the Majestic Throne.” – [Surah Tawbah, verse 129]

“Never give up hope in the mercy of Allah.Truly no one despairs of Allah’s Mercy except those who have no faith.” [Quran, 12:87]

“Indeed Allah is with those who patiently endure.” – [Quran, 8:46] // True patience is the product of complete trust in Allah at the time of calamity and trials in life.

“If Allah should aid you, no one can overcome you.” – [Quran, 3:160]

“Pray and trust in Allah! He said, “Seek help with patience and prayer.” (Soorah al-Baqarah, 2:45)

“Trust in Allah but tie your camel.” (proverb)

“If you put your whole trust in ALLAH (SUBHANAHU WA TA’ALAH), as you ought, HE most certainly will satisfy your needs, as HE satisfies those of the birds. They come out hungry in the morning, but return full of their nests.”- (Tirmidhi)

“When you believe that ALLAH stands with you, then it does not matter who stands against you. Trust in Allah.”

“Put Your Trust In Allah & Take Action!.” – Sheikh Sajid Umar

“When Allah doesn’t give you something you prayed for, consider it a protection and blessing. Allah knows everything, the unseen, the future. what is good for you and what is bad for you. Some time you pray for the things which are notr good for you so Allah doesnot give you so Allah just hekped you by not giving you. Trust in Allah.”

“No one can fight the decree of Allah – the pens have been lifted and the ink has been dried. Trust in Allah.” – Sh. Sajid Umar

“Never lose Faith and Trust in Allah.”

“Why worry? When everything is in control of Allah. Trust in Allah Allah will provide you and help you.”

“When facing any hardship, trust in Allah and be patient. For surely with every hardship comes ease.”

“Trust in Allah is the true path of success.”

“If your trust in Allah is enough then peace inside you is enough.”

“Have faith and trust in Allah and know that Allah’s Plan for you is the best of plans. If Allah is with you then no one can harm to you”

“Put your trust in Allah Almighty, and you will eventually see your life full of happiness, peace and blessings.”

“From the plots of the devil to prevent you from repentance is to say: Your sins are too major, so how can you repent so easily? Be a strong believer.Trust in Allah and His vast virtue and mercy. Make a firm decision to repent.” – Dr. Mohammad al-Arefe

“May Allah make us of those who trust in Him alone. “”If Allah helps you, none can overcome you: If He forsakes you, who is there, after that, that can help you? In Allah, then, Let believers put their trust.” Quran 3:160

“And whosoever fears Allah and keeps and keeps his duty to him, he will make a way for him to get out ( From every difficulty.” – [Quran, 65:2] // “Trust in Allah and He will surely make a way out for you..”

“And when someone puts all his trust in Allah, He (Allah ) will be enough for him.” [Quran | 65 : 3 ]

“To completely trust in Allah is to be like a child who knows deeply that even if he does not call for the mother, the mother is totally aware of his condition and is looking after him.” – Imam al`Ghazali (R.A)

“Then when you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah, certainly, Allah loves those who put their trust (in Him).” (From The Holy Quran 3:159)

“Put your trust in Allah, call upon Him constantly and report all your problems and affairs to Him and recite this dhikr, “La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah (there is no power and no strength except with Allah). These great words are the secret of happiness and success.”

“The peace of Allah enters your heart when your trust in Allah begins.”

“Your past does not decide your future, Allah does.

“Trust in Allah and hope for the best.”

“The solution to your problems is trust in Allah”

“Be patient & trust in Allah. Problems & hardships are not a punishment. They are a test and a means of purifying you & wiping out your sins.”

“When you lose the hope then remember that Allah is near you and he is always ready to help you, you just need to trust him and believe in him. Trust In Allah and don’t trust in anyone else, because in any moment they will leave you but Allah will never leave you.”

“Trust in Allah. Allah Never forgets you because he is the creator and the most merciful.”

“Scared? Pray.
Over thinking? Pray.
Losing hope? Pray.
Worried? Pray.
Struggling? Pray.
Pray and trust in Allah!” – Dr. Bilal Philips

“When there’re emotions overflowing in your heart, when you lose your ability to express it, and you feel that you’re about to cry: pray!.” – Dr. Bilal Philips

“Put your trust in Allah you will never be disappointed.”

“If Allah has written for you happiness, no one can steal that from you, and if He has written for your heart to break, then no one can mend in but He, so always put your trust in Allah” – Dr.Bilal Phillips

“Problems are a part of life. Accept them and seek help from Allah. The solution to your problems is trust in Allah.”

“Just put all yr trust in Allah and never give up on your hope. Believe that Allah will help you at evrey step.”

“if you are patient & place your entire trust in Allah, He will definitely show you a way out of every difficulty.”

“Put your trust in Allah, He’s the only one in control of every existence… Your future is planned by no other than Him…”

“When you don’t understand what is going on in your life, put your complete trust in Allah and believe there is nothing too hard for Him.”

“The more you trust in Allah the easier it becomes to be patient.”

“If you have trust in Allah as you ought then He will feed you as He feeds the bird, it goes out empty stomach and returns full.” – Ibnu Majah

“Having complete trust in Allah is such a stress reliever. Because when you don’t get what you want, you just know Allah has a better plan.”- Dr. Bilal Philips

“The more faith we have that Allah controls everything in our lives, the more we’ll feel happy and content. Leave your trust in Allah alone.” – Dr. Bilal Philips

“Once you have placed your trust in Allah, everything will fall into place and work accordingly what is best for you.” – Dr. Bilal Philips

“The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow. Trust in Allah!” – Dr. Bilal Philips

“Put Your Trust in Allah.” – Nouman Ali Khan

“Having complete trust in Allah is such a stress reliever. Because when you don’t get what you want, you just know Allah has a better plan.”

“If you trust in Allah then nothing is impossible for you.”

“Allah closes doors, which no one can open and HE opens doors, which no one can close. HE is the best of planners, put all your trust in Allah.” – Issam Bayan

“If you really want do to it, put all your trust in Allah. Don’t let people stop you. With Allah in your heart, nothing is impossible.” – Issam Bayan

“Put your trust in Allah and have patience. Allah will help you.”

“If Allah can turn night into day, then surely Allah can turn the darkness of your life into happiness and prosperity. Trust in Allah.” – Dr. Bilal Philips

“Having complete trust in Allah is such a stress reliever. Because when you don’t get what you want, you just know Allah has a better plan!”

“Always put trust in ALLAH. This is the key for success.”

“Put your heart in Du’a, Put your Trust in Allah and put yourself in patience mode.”

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