11+ Two (2) line Status Quotes for Whatsapp

Some two line status are as follows:

2 line status quotes in english for whatsapp

“Don’t hate those who are jealous of your growth,  because they are the same people who witness that you are growing and doing better than them.”

2 line whatsapp status in english

“Planning (thinking) is useless without acting; acting is useless without planning (thinking).”

motivational two (2) line status in english

“If someone criticize you then don’t be aggressive nor argumentative, if their criticism is sincere then take it as feedback of your actions and try to improve improve and correct yourself, Never let en ego to be an obstacle in the path of correction, improvement and reforms.”

“Don’t give any statement with full of deception and lies, whatever you speak, Speak with pure heart and positive intention. Know that your statement affects others.”

‘The situation becomes very fearful and destructive when a person knows nothing or only a few things but He thinks he knows everything and tries impose his deviant ideology on the rest of the people.”

“Try to be a good human being with great heart, behave people the ways if people meet you then they love, remember and miss you when you are not accompanied with them.”

two line status in english on life

“True friendship is one of the greatest gifts in our life, We need try to achieve it.”

“Always respect the value of your relationship, Don’t stand with those who don’t care of it.”

“When you express your views then never be judgmental in your opinion, don’t do personal attack on those who don’t agrees with you, let critics have some space to our critics, sometimes our critics help us to correct ourselves.”

“Those who fear of fall, They cannot make a fly.”

“No mater how bad person you are, Never do cheating with anyone for your own benefit.”

two (2) line status

“Don’t tell bad things about me on my back, Tell good things about me on my back but bad things about me in front of me so that I could improve myself.”

“If something has been done wrong knowingly or unknowingly then never try to cover it to deceive the people, but admit your fault, apologise and try to correct yourself.”

“If someone dissent from your opinion then don’t do misbehave him nor be argumentative, Behave with him as you are friend of him and leave him with smiling face.”

“Those who break promise very fast, they may face issue to carry any relationship.”

two (2) line status on friendship

“No matter how you feel, never stress yourself, get up early in the morning, and start doing good deeds, Doing good deeds brings happiness and peace in your life.”

“If someone don’t agree with you then don’t leave him with sorrow/sad face but behave the way that He leaves you with smiling face.”

two (2) line status on life

“Nothing changes until you strive to make changes in your life, everything changes when you make changes in your life.”

“Whoever you say anything then say it politely, with pure heart, with wisdom and never forget your boundaries.”

“Be a human being with pure heart, live in positive mood and full of hope.”

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