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Umrah is a Islamic pilgrimage can be performed at any time of the year while hajj is having a specific time. Hajj pilgrimage needs at least 5-6 to compete the rituals while Umarah can be performed in wthin hours.
During umrah there are many rituals that are to be carried out in order to complete umrah pilgrimage. Some of them are pillars of Umrah which are obligatory and some are recommended.
The Pillars (Arkan) of Umrah are three-
Ihram : Cloths
Tawaf: circumbulation of the Ka’bah
Sa’ee : going between Safaa and Marwah
The person who is performing umrah mustn’t leave any pillar (Arkan) of Umrah.
Any other other rituals such as praying two rakat behind Makam Ibrahim, drinking Zam-Zam water and trimming or shaving the hair are recommended. Women do not have to shave their heads; rather what is prescribed for them is cutting the hair. They can shorten all of the hair.

Some Umrah Quotes are as follows:

Ibn Abbas(Peace Be Upon Him) narrated: Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him) said: “Performing Umrah pilgrimage during month of Ramadan is equal to performing Hajj (pilgrimage).”

“May Allah bless me and give me and everyone the opportunity to perform umrah and hajj.”

“May Allah bless us with umrah opportunity and Make us righteous.

“Take your parents to umrah pilgrimage and earn reward from Allah.”

“Perform Umrah once during Ramadan and give chance to others as well.”

“If Allah has bless you with money then help poor pool do do umrah, helping poor will remove your sins.”

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