11+ Upset status quotes for whatsapp

Some upset status for whatsApp are as follows:

“If I am at right path then don’t feel bad for making positive decisions that may upset some negative people. I am not responsible for their happiness, but I am responsible for who are positive.”

“I don’t be upset nor feel offended just because someone corrected me.”

“No matter who praises me and who condemns me If I am at right track then I don’t get upset by what people say, I keep moving on without taking seriously to them who point fingers on me.”

“I am not upset with your failure, But I am upset to see that are not trying again.”

“I don’t get upset with my failure; I take as guidance from my failure and learn with it, It helps me to achieve the success.”

“I don’t get upset when I get betrayed by someone whom I trusted more but I live normal and take a lesson from it.”

“Never get upset but keep smiling every moment.”

feeling upset status

“Nothing happens without a reason but everything happens with a reason so I don’t get upset when things are not happening in my favor, I believe that things will come at right track but with the time.”

“When someone lies me then I don’t get upset just because of the person lied me but I get upset because I cannot believe in the same person anymore.”

“Don’t get upset when someone did with you the same way you did to him.”

upset status for whatsapp

“Don’t get upset with rude and bad people, they are powerless without your reactions.”

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