5+ Quotes in Urdu Translated in English

Some Urdu quotes translated in English are as follows:

download fear quotes in urdu

“Don’t fear to those who know to revenge but fear to those who rely on Allah and leave everything on Allah.”

download hazrat ali quotes in urdu with images

“It Is better to face hardship instead of facing abasement.”

download hazrat ali quotes in urdu with images

“Forget the faults of the people like you have been sleeping.”

download quotes on silence in urdu with images

‘“Don’t judge a heart on the basis of its silence because even rubbish of burnt fire contains fire.”

sabr quotes in urdu

““Sbar (patience) is kind of Ride that it never let fall it rider nor even in eye of anyone.”

rumi quotes in urdu on parents

“Behavior with parents is a story, you write this story but your children tell this story to the people by reading you.”

death quotes in urdu

“Your life in this dunya (world) is very short so don’t be proud of it. Death can reach you at any time and you cannot stop it. Today you are on the land, tomorrow you could be inside of the land. So Obey Allah and remember Allah.”

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