5+ Urdu Status with Quotes Translated in English

Some Urdu status with quotes and with their meanings and translation in English are as follows, Now read and download the images with quotes in Urdu, Their English translation is mentioned below every image:

download urdu status with quotes

“Don’t think that people with soft heart are stupid, they know about the people what they are playing game against them yet they ignore because they have a beautiful heart.”

islamic status iin urdu

“May Allah give long age to the mothers of those who are still alive, May Allah give health to the mothers of those who are sick, May Allah give jannah to the mothers of those who have passed away.”

urdu status about life with quotes

“A person can forget any moment in his life but it becomes hard for him to forget a moment when he was in need of his own people but they did not become available to help him.”

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status on forgiveness in urdu with quotes

“Forgives is a good practice. Keep forgiving people so that Allah may forgive you.”

status on life in urdu with quotes

“Life spent pleasing people, those who became pleased were not mine but those who didn’t become pleased were people of mine.”

status in urdu on love

“Two types of love never makes a person sad. One love of Allah and second other love for the sake of Allah.”

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